"I entertain the idea of you also possessing knowledge of my identity."

Full name:

Not applicable


28 January 1969





Family and relatives:

Retzorg (creator and fusion partner), Copy Tenguman (fusee), Concord (fusee), Magnet (fusee)


Impostor of Denga


Not dead

"While that is not wrong, 'Copy Denga' is a name I do not appreciate the connotation of. I much prefer the name I know myself by: 'Zwietracht.'"


Zwietracht is a being created by Retzorg with the sole purpose of being the other component of Discorretzorg; Zwietracht himself is a fusion of Copy Tenguman, Concord, and a magnet.


In contrast to Denga's vivacious nature, Zwietracht is calm and sophisticated; this is also reflected in Zwietracht's simpler appearance. He has a polite, formal manner of speaking, which is defied only by the first thing he ever says. Even when visibly angered, he retains his sophisticated speech style, and his anger is only reflected by frequent vocal pauses and deeper breathing. Despite his affable mannerisms, however, he is still hostile towards Retzorg due to its imprisonment of Zwietracht's very consciousness whenever he wasn't in use in the form of Discorretzorg; he overall seems to be vengeful in nature, saying he would "[punish Retzorg] for the gross transgression [it has] made against intelligent life" in regards to said imprisonment. He is also one of two characters, the other being Mimi, to address Retzorg by its forename "Zeeky."



Zwietracht takes control.

Zwietracht existed since the creation of Discorretzorg, in which one of Retzorg's techniques simultaneously created him and caused him to fuse with it. He did not appear in his unfused form, however, until July 3, 1972, on which he forcibly caused Discorretzorg to split apart into Retzorg and himself. After introducing himself, he stated that "If you know who I am, however… …You must also know what I'm here for," and attacked it.

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Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Explanation
English Zwietracht German for "discord."
Deutsch Malkonkordo Esperanto for "discord."
Italiano Zvitrasto Portmanteau of an Italian reading of "Zwietracht" and "contrasto," meaning "contrast" or "discord."
Русский Адрэстю Romanized as "Adrestyu;" derived from Adrestia.
日本語 仇神 Combination of 仇 ("enemy" or "revenge") and 神 ("deity"). Romanized as "Adajin."


  1. Spore creation "Reveal" by Retzorg

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