Z-Ray or just Z. Was once a Astronaut protecting the solar system, once his duty was over, he returned to Earth. The madhouse full of sychopaths controlling the planet. He knew he had to do something.

a little history about ZRAYEdit

the reason I made Z-Ray was cause of me constantly drawing him. Then I thought about him interacting with characters like Grax and Cryoas. So thats how he came to be added. He might also have his own RP later on.


Plasma knife

Plasma bolts (when he has a certian hand part on)

Plasma claw (when he has his glove on)

melee attacks (punching, kicking)


He is part of the rebellion


  1. he was created over 2 years ago (Possibly making him the 1st of my characters)
  2. he does use guns and other weapons but the powers shown are just his main weapons
  3. he is a main character of Grax's