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Normal Panda is on the left, while Yandere is on the right.

"Don't worry, sweetie... you're safe as long as I'M around."

Yandere is one of the two Alter Egos of Panda. She represents Panda's anger, love, passion, insanity, and murderous urges. She usually comes out whenever

1. Panda is MURDEROUSLY bored

2. Her "Sweetie" is in danger


Yandere has shoulder-length, dark brown hair, blood-red eyes with a cat's pupil in each, and usually dresses in a pink tanktop and blue shorts. She isn't seen without at least a FEW splatters of blood on her, most often that dried layer on her hands and the ones on her clothes.


Yandere is exactly what her name states her to be; sweet on the outside (and with her lover), clingy towards said lover (in a protective way), and insane/violent on the inside. As previously stated, she is the embodiment of Panda's passion, love, insanity, anger, and the MURDEROUS URGES hidden in the back of her mind. It is, of course, a bad idea to turn down any request she may have, because the way SHE sees things, "if I can't have you, NO ONE CAN." Sounds like the perfect girlfriend, doesn't she?


Being a part of Panda, it would only make sense that Yandere would have her own powers. They include, but are not limited to:

Yup, she's pretty dangerous, isn't she?

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

Despite being able to turn practically ANYTHING into a leathal weapon, her weapon of choice is an oversized meat cleaver with a point at the end of the blade and a fresh layer of blood on said blade. It's so sharp, it can cut through human flesh and bone like a hot knife would through butter! Though, one must truly wonder how she keeps it so sharp...

Berserker ModeEdit

The result of Yandere doing a complete takeover of Panda. In this form, she gains ominous, black and purple
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Only known picture of Berserker. This was two seconds before she killed the person who took this photo.

markings on her body, her eyes glow bright red, and a laurel-crown made of blood-red energy forms around her head. She also causes the world to distort (The sky and clouds turn red, the sun is bright white, Hinamizawa Syndrome becomes widespread) with her presence, but thankfully, that dissipates when she gives up control. Expect there to be a massacre if it happens again.


  • Yandere takes a cue from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni with some of her aspects (Uh-Oh Eyes, Rena's cleaver, just being a yandere overall). Wouldn't be too surprising if she were diagnosed with Hinamizawa Syndrome...
  • For a period of time, Yandere was known as Yangire. Yangire is a person who's sweet on the outside, but insane and violent on the inside. To sum it up, Yandere - Clingyness = Yangire
  • Yandere's theme is Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion. Yes, the ⑥'s theme.
  • Even though she's been around longer, she hasn't tried to take over Panda's body. Be thankful she hasn't, though...
    • She has. Berserker Yandere has yet to come out in a SPORE RP, but she exists.
  • In one particular RP known as "I HAVE NO IDEA", Yandere claimed the Dark Master Sword as her weapon. Yes, DEMON LORD GHIRAHIM. ...Thankfully, she disowned him later on.