WURP is a RP by TheGrax recently. a couple of days ago it was turned to a multi person RP and anyone may join by following the rules given. (RP is currently on the DWRP part)


(NOT GOING PLAY BY PLAY OK) The story is about the ruler of the underworld wanting to take over the golden heavens, Earth and any other dimensions after he finds out that it could be as easy as making toast. followed by a few small stories.

Main cast (so far)Edit

Grax:"cores", Hal, Melom, Inviso, Sleyeth

Other stuffEdit

This RP actually has minigames. (first?)

Hal's: in Hal's minigame it is like Namco's Pacman, you must collect pieces to make Melom while avoiding the demons trying to stop you.

Melom's: in Melom's minigame you must defeat a bunch of demons and titans. (i will most likely upload it to spore soon)

Inviso's: in inviso's minigame you must create a spell by choosing the correct substances.


(DWRP) AKA The Dark World's, is the main part (the huge part) of the Underworld series. it takes place 15 years after the underworld has taken over every spot in every dimension. None of the maincast from the first are alive anymore. But that doesn't mean a robot cant be revived from full shut down.