The same reason the Cryoas page exists. Cause other stuff connects with Vulcor and cause of his soon to be big importance.


His backstory is... well, first off he is a young half dragon that left his homeplanet after hearing about wars between demons and other creatures killing earth dragons. He quickly sprang to his feet and ditched his house and flew towards Earth. The reason for this is because he one day wishes to be the lead of all Dragons. Before his trip to Earth, he had set up another dimension with godly powers he shouldn't have. With doing so, he trapped Grax, DM Inviso and Cryoas in their till he can bring them back.


Vulcor as said before, is a young half dragon with powers he shouldn't have. He someday wishes to become the lead Dragon but he is becoming stressed on ways of making it happen. He is still in school but is not bright at all. Though he is not the smartest of enemies, he is one of the strongest due to the fact he stole the souls of others to make his stronger. (more will be added)

Negative dimension aka AntiverseEdit

The Negative Dimension aka the Antiverse, is a world created by Vulcor to keep his enemies in for eternal suffering. Though other creatures do inhabit the Antiverse. This the current place The Grax RP currently is taking place in. It somewhat resembles the Underwhere from Super paper Mario. (more will be added)

Sorrowlings Edit

Sorrowlings are one of a couple species that inhabits the antiverse. They somewhat resemble humans in a odd way and have way better brains, but they have no use for the knowledge. Nothing is really special about them but they give anyone a chilll when they give some one a ghastly expression. (more will be added...)


A flying species of the Antiverse, they fly most of their lives wondering why they exist, and why they do what they do. The chills they can give someone can paralyze them, giving them time to harvest on them. Gross for the most part, but neccesary to survive. (Sigh, more will be added....)


Darvil is another species of the Antiverse. It takes form of sobbing shadows. Never letting anyone near them without running or defending themselves. Not much is known about them yet so... yeah...


  1. Vulcor might be one of my only dragon characters
  2. He is also one of the youngest
  3. The species of the Antiverse leave a hidden message as you read their names top to bottom