Vesania; a serpent-like character who is extremely dangerous and should not be approached by any means necessary...

No im ****ing serious. DO. NOT. APPROACH HIM!

[BASICALLY he's Discord with a bloodlust and horrible acting skills at trying to be scary and insane.]


Vesania is a monstrosity of insanity. His behavior acts upon to what his name translates from latin "insanity;" he was to be on his way to be an alt to contain Drogoth's insanity that crawled around in his mind like a parasite. He couldn't wait any longer before he would go completely insane, so Vesania was rushed to be an un-finished alt; thus making him unstable and highly dangerous. When Vesania was first released he went after other alts [as well as the Vocaloids that Drogoth liked to- <ERROR>], decorating the rooms with their own guts with such creative ["creative" being just strewing them everywhere and making Pinkamena Diane Pie's decorations from Cupcakes] and highly horrifying ways his killing spree lasted 3 days [Oh, you mean an hour? Silly Drogoth. You pulled a lot of bullshit during this point of our roleplay; Driko couldn't even lay a finger on him, yet you could. How... considerate.] after he was later to be put back into development to be imprisoned forever. Or so they thought ["they" being Driko, Drogoth, and Drogoth's alts]... but what the more frightening part is that Vesania may actually be the inner demon that had long been inside of Drogoth even before he was created.

[EDIT 12/1/13.) Vesania was actually created to 'contain' the parts of Drogoth that made him want to do fucked up experiments, as well as trap Drogoth's sexual frustration to guilt his girlfriend into fucking him. Way to go, Dro.]


Take Slenderman and SCP-106 then put them together, and you have Vesania. [Actually, you mean take the bloodlust of a madman, the acting skills of the Saints Boss in the movie DLC for Saints Row: the Third, shove them into Discord, and try to make him act crazy]. His effects in which, if you look at him, you will begin to feel fear like if you looked at slenderman [or Mr. Face from Amnesia], unless if you are strong enough to hold back your emotions. If he looks in your direction there is only one option: to run, because you cannot fight him. He'd literally be nothing if you tried to touch him, meaning you would just go right through him. [Which is really your fault in the first place, Drogoth, for setting him up in his own dimension. Not to mention YOU somehow touched him before, anyways, so don't try to pull this 'nobody can touch him' thing again.]

He has a high interest in slaughtering anyone he sees, but it is rare for him to go on a genocide spree since he takes more interest in picking off his victims one by one. His claws are perfectly sharp that they can cut through even the hardest and thickest materials, such as Diamond or adamantium, only because they carry dimensional properties. We've seen him able to fit through even the smallest crack that air can pass through. Since his appearance is pitch black smoke, its a mystery of how he can even be able to make physical contact with the enviroment.

When Vesania catches up to a victim, his technique of murder ranges to the following: "REDACTED" [Drogoth don't you fucking dare copy the SCP Foundation's wiki. That was just put there because you couldn't think of a way to kill your victims that would be horrifying and leave their mark on someone's mind.]

There are more than a hundred ways that Vesania can murder his victim, but we are sure that there are alot more. [Well no durr, you just said that there are more than a hundred. Obviously, there will be more]. Vesania can be identified by having a serpent body, spines out of from his back, a xenomorph shaped head with horns at the back of it, 3 lengthly claws on each of his two arms, white streaks for eyes, and a big white grin (as seen in the above portrait).

[Vesania and Drogoth's Alts can't escape from Drogoth's mind anymore, now that Drogoth's powers are gone.]

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