Spore RPEdit

Spore RP is the main type of role-playing, and the first type of role-playing in the Spore Roleplayers community. It mainly uses the spaceship editor due to the wide range of parts more accurate to a cartoony character, and these role-plays are told in multiple creations, segment by segment.

Steam RPEdit

Steam RP is like Spore RP, but it involves chatrooms, immediate responses, and the range of things you can use to show what a character looks like, for example, in a role-play where one character is a stickman, you could send an image of a stickman from a web site, or instead describe the character in words.

Therefore, unlike Spore RP, Steam RP must involve at least two people, because if you isn't, nobody can see the role-player's point of view and the role-player is considered to be "playing with themself".


These are the sub-structures of RPs that work as a base for you to form the story around.

Hell Breaks Loose (HBL) RPEdit

What's serious to you? Should you worry about dripping water, in the bathroom? Should you worry if you have forks and knives organized poorly? Should you even worry that you HAVE A COMPUTER?!

Haha, no, none of that's serious. HBL isn't serious either.

Hell breaks loose is an RP type named after some comments about a certain RP which John was doing. The main goal of the hell break loose RP is obsolete: you can even send flying monkeys carving the universe with a tricycle that has "This is a spoon" written on it if you want to. Tenguman is obviously the best at this. HBL RPs are the easiest RPs to play, and the hardest to play well.

Serious RPEdit

Serious RPing is the exact opposite of HBL. Everyone sticks to the story. Goals show theirselves. You *cannot* break the theoretical laws of physics. Etc, etc.