The reason i made a page for this is because there is quite a few and they have importance with my characters and scenarios in my RPs or will soon.

Inviso's houseEdit

Not his anymore according to my main ongoing RP. This is the first and most recurring place in my RPs. An adventure has been made for it to show how i picture it and how i want everyone else too. It has appeared in about all my RPs and will most likely continue too.


The underworld is where Alex, Willow and Grax were all born at. First appearance was in the wrath of the underworld, its latest appearance was in my backstory and my main RP. The Underworld empire's main enemie is the dragon species in general. The reason behind it is unknown yet. Though currently this ties in to the main objective of my main RP.

Skyworld Edit

The Skyworld is world that is a mystery to the humans and underworld creatures. Nobody has ever been to the Skyworld besides the creatures that inhabit it. The main intelligence of the Skyworld is the whole dragon species. Other species that exist there are unknown yet. During a strange happening, a crack in space caused a portal to appear in the underworld, giving the dragons perfect chance to destroy the Underworld. Though it has never happen again, surviving underworld creatures believe the dragons may have the powers to cross between worlds.


GRActica-X or just Gractica-X, is a gigantic spacebase Alex now inhabits as it is too dangerous to stay on Earth. It can travel through space but does not currently. Spacebots inhabit the Gractica-X to guard it from intruders. This and the robots show the danger I can do with technology.