Thegrax's evil characters are put here to not be confused with them being on the "good" side. Also cause that page is full of my characters -.-)

Alex (me) True formEdit

Yes my character (me) is actually not human but never knew that. Once his true form had been revealed it corrupted his mind causing it to think evil and dark. Thus causing him to act evil towards mostly everyone. He will regain own thoughts soon but from time to time someone somewhere will corrupt him again.


True form of me. aka evil/dark form.

My (evil) theme. Its Kirby deal with it 100px|left

Full form Alex (true form)Edit

The full form of me. If you don't know what it is, look in my sporepedia and type in moldron. Full form of me is a moldron, made up species. It is way larger than a human and way stronger than a human. Like the half true form, all the weird parts: tail, wing, horns, are all unveiled bones.

Yes i will update his look soon...

Dark matter InvisoEdit

You may be thinking. "i thought he already was evil". No he was just full of mischief. Once he got killed over a certain amount of times he got formed into this. Who keeps bringing him back and turned him into... whatever? to be revealed. He is not buddy buddy with Alex (me) now.

Dark inviso.


A quite devious fellow. He was supposed to be in the Monsterwars RP but that RP just randomly stopped. Though he still is a threat to Squidzy, and also is his rival. He might appear in a different RP though. Or at least a remake of Monsterwars the RP.


Most likely will update him as well.


A underworld spider with a bit of a overgrowth slightly bigger than a human. Anti to everyone but other monster beings from the underworld. Willow has a monster or dragon sensing ability coming into hand for him since his main target is to destroy all of the dragon species. When needing to he will go into ?-form aka giga form, he will transform into a more dangerous, stronger, taller and bigger version and can hold someone down as long as he wants.


Giga form

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