This is me as a normal human.

Thegrax is a dead roleplayer barely known for being a roleplayer and one of about 3 to still roam the wikia. 

Inviso as seen in the JTD RP


thegrax has a couple forms and there backstory you may ask?: some stupid monster scientist made the dumbest potions and his test dummy? Me, one caused a counterpart to split from me to create a character called Grax. in the JTD RP my character got a potion which can cause him to switch from full human, half human/dragon and full dragon. though he got stuck with the potion. near the end of the JTD RP a new form of my character was a winter like form causing my character to use ice elements.

this is Grax. he represents Evil

(too lazy to update photos or descriptions...)


this is me in half dragon form.

Grex and the newest: in my newest RP (WURP) for some mistaken reason Grax falls hitting his head causing a counterpart to split creating Grex, later in the story a power master hits Grex in the head causing two more counterparts to appear: Grux and Grix


This is Grex he represents Good


This is Grux. he currently does not represent anything


this is Grix he too does not represent anything yet


  • another spore rper was born one day after i was and they have made a creation that has left many confused.
  • every roleplay Grax has been in has never had a good ending or had no ending at all!
  • if anyone remembers sonic103 who went all nuts bothering all the RPers. he found out through me commenting you guys -.-...
  • Grax became friends with johnthedragon when furioscreator62 was trolling john. (furios asked Grax to defend him, so grax looked to see what was going on and decided to help John instead)
  • this is the trivia section.
  • this is still the trivia section
  • i hate when people don't get original
  • ok everyone knows this but if you don't its good to learn, i'm obsessed with anything Kirby -.-
  • Im well known for creating Nintendo characters and other childish cartoony characters (best known for my Kirby characters)
  • I got pretty mad when i figured out that so many other stupid things pop up when you type in thegrax or my youtube username: tehgrax
  • I may have started roleplaying cause of Pheno
  • my subscriber count is still 155 (who dafuq cares anymore)
  • a lot of ideas i get usually dont get made or i forget about halfway through making them

Allies and enemies



  • Johnthedragon
  • Sealife2
  • Apprentice93 
  • Heathermixter
  • Quarkspin
  • Neurosis
  • DAOlinger
  • Gordymad
  • MrWeezee
  • Renamonguy
  • 99hedgehog


  • anyone i did not already mention
  • 91dylan12: not his fault he's like 9 years old...
  • Retzorg: shamelessly got picture achievements to become #1  (thats my job bub)



  • Jbeau (don't talk to me)
  • Infernohammer (trololo your dead)
  • Sonic103 (please kill yourself your taking up precious air)


  • nintendo kirby one: me, heathermixter and Pteradon; lost in a vivid world of creations...
  • WaddleDeeWorld (WDW): Single person RP,,,, G!!!! First :D? going to restart on one of my many alts that I use to stalk you guys
  • Monsterwar's the RP: me, apprentice93 and heathermixter (storyline by me, The idea of Monsterwar rp by apprentice93); dead
  • Wrath of the underworld: Me, (comment if you want to join); part two currently which is The dark worlds; dead
  • The Dark Worlds: Me (you may join); dead
  • Alternate dimensions: (currently independent); dead
  • My main RP: (will very between people): semi-dead
  • invited to rps:
  • JTD RP: Johnthedragon, heathermixter, thegrax and sealife2; ended
  • DT RP: heathermixter and thegrax (apprentice was going to join); lost in a vivid world of creations...
  • Darkspore RP: Johnthedragon and thegrax (never did get enough people to start the RP D:); never even got started.

== Links to other stuff== Spore: Thegrax

Darkspore: Groxinator (i think/not in use cause i dont have a pc anymore)

Youtube: TehGrax

Minecraft: Emeraldkirby (i would totally change it if i could...) (thank you minecraft, there adding namechanging, anytime soon?)

Steam: Thegrax



use: making better creations. Might also use for my rpg rp seeing how its actually caused 5 people to hate me.



failed accounts that are to embarrasing to type. No use as I wouldn't even want to go by the hideous names I put them as. (would burn eyes)