Blaman and girt perform the fusion dance.

The Girtman is actually a mix of Blaman and Girt. They have fused one time to maximize their power to a level beyond comprehension. The blood of two princes that date back to ancient histories that were both hidden by raiders. Somehow, they were spiritually connected when they were born, and when they found each other, they definetely found something special. When death came to take the blood of royalty of Girt in the RP Bagel Kwest, Blaman, who had offered his soul to death to spare Girt, had joined his soul with the blood of the young prince Girt. Death broke his promise. The connection between them was so powerful that, even in the afterlife, Blaman was able to combine his power with that of Girt's, and there stood The Girtman. With the combined might of the plasma demon form of Blaman and the super form of Girt (The super Plasma Demon), the two who had become one were able to defeat death inhis own realm with a special attack. The two have not fused since.