TheGrax Main RP is as the title says My main RP. Currently singleperson (unless you count 91Dylan12 trying to screw with my story) anyone can ask to join. The reason for this is to bring together all my main characters into a single story that somewhat explains all of them.


In the first part, chapters will go by to explain some certian thing or just a new accurence in the story, the list should be below of all the current chapters and what they contain.

Alex vs. InvisoEdit

One of the smaller chapters, this is the first of the chapters containing Alex's new spaceship being hijacked by Inviso. Inviso however has gone through some changes with dark matter being injected in him mutating him. Through a battle, Inviso's dark matter attack reveals Alex's true form. A demon with a odd full form, though cause of this form, his evil side is revealed though it later settles.

Alex's BackstoryEdit

My backstory is about how i was created and what happened before he came to Earth. Also explains how he meets Inviso and Grax. Also quite a short chapter.

A restartEdit

Not officialy titled in the RP but is its given name. This chapter explains a new friend coming into play called Willow, a ghastly spider. This chapter also explains his conquest to destroy the dragon species. Quite short as well...

The vampire from spaceEdit

This chapter is also very important to the story as it bring in a main antagonist to thegrax realm. This strange being is you guessed, a vampire from space with some weird powers of his own. But during his start for world domination, Grax's soul gets seperated from his body and segregates with Alex's.

Cryoas's triumphEdit

This chapter is about the Vampire Cryoas and his plans of domination. Starting with blackening the sun and turning Grax into his vampire companion. This also contains a battle of new Grax vs Cryoas. A sort of build up chapter.

Foe after Foe...Edit

This chapter brings yet another foe to the story by the name of Vulcor, a dragon with far dreams and bad ideas. He comes to fight as well. This also contains a battle of new Grax vs Cryoas vs DM Inviso vs Vulcor.

The crossingEdit

This chapter contains Vulcor's new world where he is god. Trapping new Grax, Cryoas and DM Inviso in a world of despair and sorrow. This chapter contains yet another battle where Vulcor consumes Cryoas and DM Inviso souls to make him stronger and deadlier. Though he stood no chance to the power of a new hero, Beat (a robot) and his music and nyan powers!


This chapter is about Grax, Cryoas , DM Inviso and Beat escaping the sorrowful world and back to dark Earth. Hal, Melom, Grex and Willow wait right at the portal to greet their return. Cryoas now reminded of his new companion DorchaGrax (Dorcha means dark). DorchaGrax still unkown of his evil to the others kills new Grax while nocking out DM Inviso, Willow and Grex. Leaving Hal, Melom and Beat running for their lives. But also leading Dorcha and Cryoas back to the sorrow world.

Old FoesEdit

This chapter, the main antagonist of WURP seeks the perfect chance to capture the group. With so bringing his return. Sucessful with his capture, MechPenguin happens to crash right in his hideout. Casually walks out the door and frees the group. Then cutting to New Grax's point of view in a bright world where he is pale and meets someone unknown for now.

Le Adventure!Edit

This part contains a adventure Grax, MechaPenguin and the newest --- go on to return to Earth. (still being processed) oh by the way (SOPA does not approve of the following message)

People who have been in my RPEdit

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