Drogoth god form head (work in progress)

Concept art of Terakon drawn by Driko

Terakon is a character in an RP made by Drogoth and Driko in the events of Torpi attacking Dragonsky.


His appearance looks to be almost robotic, with each body part floating in place, held together by a strong gravity field to form his image. His colour pattern is black, cyan, and grey.


Terakon, also known as Viserak since his second appearance, is a character used in a stand-alone RP with Drogoth and Driko. The RP took place in a alternate timeline where Torpi had defeated Drogoth and, in the process, Drogoth had used a powerful last-resort spell which completely obliterated both Torpi and himself, sending them to an alternate dimension where they have been reduced to nothing but many particles. It took many months to re-construct themselves to new forms, only better than they ever could be. Rumors say that they might have even had help from a godly presence to make them who they are.


Terakon is a God-Tier character, meaning he holds an enormous sum of power that most characters cannot compare with. Despite Terakon's godly power, he simply refrains from using it in fear that he may provoke the anger of other roleplayers, as his deific powers extend to breaking the fourth wall; for example, if somebody is in a situation where everything is going down or the person is near death, Terakon will always wait to see for anything to come and save the person instead of going straight in to help the person.