A tearlash is a rather strange species; a reptile with fur. There are 2 basic groups of tearlashes, those with stripes, and those without. About 1 out of every 15 tearlashes don't have stripes. Tearlashes also come in a variety of unusual colors, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, you name it, they come in just about every color you can possibly imagine, though the blue/yellow combo is supposedly uncommon in comparison. It probably is genetically the most uncommon color, but lighter colored tearlashes are more rarely found, as they don't blend in at all, making them easy targets for anything that would kill them.

Tearlashes are probably most well known for their stretchy tails, ending with a hook, their tails allow them to do a variety of tasks. Fishing for example, they don't need a fishing rod to catch dinner, why use a fishing rod when you got a tail that can be used for the same purpose? (Though there usually aren't many, if any fish on the main planets they are found on.) They can also use their tails to trip people, or choke people. Much like a lizard's tail, a tearlash's tail grows back when lost, but much faster actually. On a VERY rare occasion, a tearlash can have more than one tail. However, their tails can be hazardous to them, as one could grab them by their tail, and pull it as if it were a rope tied to them.

Tearlashes usually have weak minds, which are almost ALWAYS being manipulated by Torn (or would it be Shred?). Sure, a tearlash's mind DOES become stronger as it ages, eventually to the point that it can no longer be manipulated, but by that age, they're usually pretty close to dying anyway. But there ARE a few exceptions, such as Storm and Sun, being part dragon, they can live longer than a pure-bred tearlash, and thus, their minds cannot be manipulated easily, if at all. Shred is actually WAY past the age at which he would be freed from Torn's control (which could really make one wonder if he's still being controlled, or if he's just as corrupt as his father is.)

Due to their genetics, sometimes, an odd tearlash can be born. An odd tearlash described is called an "outcast tearlash". Such a tearlah is left behind by the pack, due to parents thinking it was dead, or had an exposed skeleton, when it was really just thicker "skin", making it more likely to survive than others. Due to this "defect", an "outcast" is better in head-on combat than the average tearlash. Their spines and feet also have better than average defense.

-Some text taken directly from Storm_Static's explanations on Spore. Link will be posted soon.