SCAN0092 Suukel

A female lavender hedgehog, and the grandmother of Storm. Suukel was known to be quite the adventurer, much to her parents' concern. Despite her parents' best efforts to keep her out of harm's way, Suukel always managed to slip out of their care. One day, she was exploring DarkenVolt's marshlands, when she met Slyuk. Slyuk was an honorable tearlash tribe chief. They knew it was meant to be. However, the other tearlashes of Slyuk's tribe uproared when they found out that he chose an outsider over his own flesh and blood. Suukel introduced Slyuk to her parents, who freaked out and told him to get lost, so he left. That night, Suukel sat outside, disappointed in her parents' choice. Determination came over her though, and she decided to go find Slyuk, no longer caring what her parents think. After no more than five steps, the tearlashes from Slyuk's tribe jumped out at Suukel and attacked her. Slyuk, having never actually left, immediately stood beside Suukel, confirming that this was the side he would take. The tearlashes stood for a moment, pondering, then decided to attack anyway. Once the fighting was over, Suukel's parents ran outside and hugged Slyuk, thanking him for protecting their daughter. Her parents decided that Slyuk was the right guy for Suukel after all, now knowing that even when they are not around, he will be there to save her. Thus, Suukel and Slyuk got married, and eventually, had Cloudy.

Family Tree

                          ???           ???
                           |             |
                               |     |
                   Torn      Soliza ???       ???
                     |         |     |         |
                      ---------       ---------
                          |               |
                        Shred           Slyuk   Suukel                                Prufido  Toxage
                                          |       |                                      |      |
                                           -------                                        ------ 
                                              |                                              |
                             Solstice       Cloudy                                         Equin                           Cyridmor         Chiniada
                                |             |                                              |                                 |                |
                                 ------------- ----------------------------------------------                                   ----------------
                                      |                                                |                                              |
                     Litaegis        Sun         Arater    Clarus   Thief            Storm                                           Rad
                         |            |             |        |        |                |                                              |
                          ------------               --------          ---------------- ----------------------------------------------
                                |                        |                     |                                |
                        ----------------                 |                -----------          -------------------------------------------
                       |         |      |                |               |           |        |       |         |           |             |
                 Gravinixira  Aestus  Aridi          FilthyMane       Sparkle      Chull   Kartul  Pasukan   Valesade   Nerchordis    Splartrix
                                                         |               |

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