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Storm's younger half-brother, and a former antagonist. He is a hybrid of a hedgehog, demon, cat, and tearlash. His father, Solstice, was Shred's best friend. When his father fell in love with Cloudy, Shred used mind manipulation to make her love him. His father then had Shred create Sun from his and Cloudy's DNA.

Sun was raised to be evil. From day one, he's been doing bad things. At some point after his older half-sister Storm had been freed from the Lightning Crystal, Sun attacked her, joined by daejadesup and docodezos on various occasions. In at least two of their encounters, Storm sent Sun into what she thought was a black hole, but it was really just a worm hole. Since it was merely a worm hole, Sun was able to return.

Before he reformed, Sun founded The Evil 666 (TE6). Being the leader, the other members followed him. Eventually, when Sun reformed, Demono took over as the leader of TE6. The current members of TE6 hardly know who he is, but those that do despise him, calling him a disgrace to their cause. Also, when he reformed, he told the docodezos that he was no longer their leader, but despite this, they still followed him on occasion.

After having reformed, Sun joined Storm. Of course, Storm still wasn't all that fond of him. At some point, they teamed up and killed his father. However, Storm and Sun hardly spoke after that. Eventually, Sun got married to a lynx named Litaegis, who he had a family with. While raising Gravinixira, Sun hung out with Elector and Darlec. Within twenty years, Sun found his son hanging out with some delinquents and doing catnip. Despite requesting that Gravinixira stop, he continued to do so.


Random animation clip from a flipnote drawn by StormerAmped666 aka StormerStatic on deviantART, and Storm_Static on Spore.

Four years later, Sun and Litaegis had a family of five, and all was well. Sun and his friends decided upon bringing Static and Equin back from the dead. Sometime after bringing Static and Equin back from the dead, a parallel Storm was brought to DarkenVolt by Shred, who eventually ended up at what used to be Storm's house. Sun was able to heal the parallel Storm's vocal cords with an "illegal" spell, but it left him unconscious. When Stormer showed up at the house, Sun was happy, seeing this as a chance to possibly know his sister if she weren't so... off. So in this absence of Storm, Sun ended up leading the group on a few occasions. While he was busy worrying about Shred being taken care of, Demono's goons killed his wife. Sun had this growing feeling that something was wrong. When he came home, he was devastated. His wife lied there dead, while his twenty-four year old son hugged his sobbing younger siblings.

Sun's loss further motivates him to stop Shred, figuring that if he can get rid of Shred, others might not have to endure a loss quite like he did.

Family Tree

                          ???           ???
                           |             |
                               |     |
                   Torn      Soliza ???       ???
                     |         |     |         |
                      ---------       ---------
                          |               |
                        Shred           Slyuk   Suukel                                Prufido  Toxage
                                          |       |                                      |      |
                                           -------                                        ------ 
                                              |                                              |
                             Solstice       Cloudy                                         Equin                           Cyridmor         Chiniada
                                |             |                                              |                                 |                |
                                 ------------- ----------------------------------------------                                   ----------------
                                      |                                                |                                              |
                     Litaegis        Sun         Arater    Clarus   Thief            Storm                                           Rad
                         |            |             |        |        |                |                                              |
                          ------------               --------          ---------------- ----------------------------------------------
                                |                        |                     |                                |
                        ----------------                 |                -----------          -------------------------------------------
                       |         |      |                |               |           |        |       |         |           |             |
                 Gravinixira  Aestus  Aridi          FilthyMane       Sparkle      Chull   Kartul  Pasukan   Valesade   Nerchordis    Splartrix
                                                         |               |