Strawberry Times


28 January 1969 (fusion)





Family and relatives:

Captain Retzorg (fusee), copy of Tango (fusee)




Contains impostor of Tango


Not dead


Contains one male and one hermaphrodite

"Sixty-three! They’re ig-NOOOR-ING US!"
–Strawberry Times[1]
Strawberry Times is the fusion of Captain Retzorg and a copy of Tango, formed in an alternate timeline at the same moment and in the same circumstances Discorretzorg would have been formed.


Strawberry Time’s appearance is chiefly that of Captain Retzorg’s, but with the first form of Tango’s feet and most of his colours, having Tango’s exact shades of red, purple, magenta, solid yellow, and cyan (albeit only in the feet) and of a much more vivid shade than the unfused Captain. The green in Strawberry Times’s eyes is also a more muted, lighter shade than Retzorg’s green, and Strawberry Times’s pupils are purple instead of black like either Retzorg’s or Tango’s.

Strawberry Times’s appearance carries a slight star motif, apparently a reference to visual effects of some of Tango’s attacks. Specifically, there are white star shapes instead of circle shapes in the pupils of Strawberry Times’s eyes and the saw parts of Captain Retzorg’s spurprises are simplified to being star shapes.

Either Strawberry Times merely appears to be wearing clothes when this is in reality not the case or Strawberry Times has only ever been seen wearing one outfit. Whether the apparent clothes truly are clothes or not, they consist of what appears to be a magenta shirt with a red heart in the middle on the front with purple forearms and purple trousers blending in with what appear to be shoes virtually identical to Tango’s.



Main article: Dare

Strawberry Times’s Stand, Dare, allows the user’s body parts to be transformed into mimicked parts of another Stand User’s Stand by singing a musical reference to the mimicked Stand or user.

It can only be assumed that Strawberry Times retains at least some of the abilities of both fusees, though these abilities are as of yet unseen; it is implied that Dare, rather than Try Everything, is the stand of the copy of Tango participating in the fusion.


  • It has been stated that Strawberry Times is a more stable fusion than Discorretzorg and is, unlike Discorretzorg, sustained permanently.[2]

    Strawberry Times as portrayed by Spore user Tenguman.

  • Currently, Strawberry Times has appeared in more Spore creations by user Retzorg named after songs or musical albums than creations by Retzorg not named as such.

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Explanation
English Strawberry Times Named such as a newspaper involving strawberry or strawberries would be; possibly referring to the character’s pink-and-red colouration and involvement with time travel.
日本語 いちごガゼット[3] Romanized as "Ichigo Gazetto;" means "Strawberry Gazette."


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