The Many Faces of Storm

Just a section on the current alternate Storms.

Stormer A. Sassin

Stormer Assassin GIMP Poster Edges -Colorized-

"I'll kill, for a price..."

A deranged assassin from an alternate universe, she kills for a living. As long as you pay her, she'll kill ANYONE, even those who she used to "care" about (although the price is usually tripled for some unknown reason) before she lost Bright, who took all of Stormer Assassin's emotions with it (well, ALMOST all of them, except for negative emotions). Stormer Assassin will sometimes lose her sanity and appear to be in her own little world, talking to inanimant objects, and won't even notice you're there! That'd probably be your cue to run. When she's acting like that, she's fighting Corrupt's influence, and if you interfere, that just may be the last thing you ever live to do.

You can find Stormer Assassin in her office when she's not out assassinating for a living. There are various skulls on shelves in her office, and the skull of her HALF-BROTHER is on the desk in her office. Whatever you do, don't open the door labled "FOOD SUPPLY", you may be her next meal. If you plan on having her assassinate someone, make sure you have enough money, 10 to 20 is the usual price, but it can be a bit pricey at times, so you should probably bring more than enough money, because if you don't, and the assassination costs more than you can afford, Stormer Assassin will just revive the person you wanted dead.


Possible new look.

More stuff that you probably didn't know about Assassin until just now:

Assassin's weapon of choice is a gun, she always has at least one gun with her, if not, 13, 14, 15... Yeah, I know, she's insane, isn't she?

Apparently, Assassin may have a snag machine, although she really has no use for it. Or, does she?

Assassin has a human form, but only changes form when she's gonna be assassinating someone, because no one would be suspect a human would be responsible for anyone's death- well, in her universe anyway.

Future Storm

In the future, Storm is a cyborg- and a pirate. She lost her left arm, and left
Future Storm -resized-

Some time in the future, she still hasn't really changed all THAT much...

eye, probably in an explosion. Future Storm's weapon of choice? Explosives obviously. Not much is really known about Future Storm. For now anyways...


Badai is pretty much just a gender-flip parallel of Storm, but it seems that he may be a little different from Storm in a couple other ways. Badai seems to have a great interest in learning everything he possibly can about parallel universes. According to Sun's parallel in this universe, Badai causes trouble, likely more often than Storm ever has, and will.

SCAN0150 2

Sorry, haven't drawn normal Badai yet, so have an image of human Badai in the mean time.

Outcast Storm

Outcast Storm, or just simply Outcast, is a parallel Storm with an active "outcast gene", a mysterious gene in tearlashes that gives them greater defenses than the average tearlash. However, the tearlash's parents typically can't tell that they are alive, and abandon them. Likewise, Outcast Storm was abandoned. Outcast holds it against her parents, and swears to kill them for abandoning her, if it's the last thing she does. Outcast was never trapped in a crystal for 1,000,000 years, so she had more time to train and learn. She seems to know about the main Storm's existence, as she as occasionally mentioned how she hates Storm for being a wimp, among other ridiculous reasons.


Outcast doesn't care who you are, she hates your guts by default.