What is Spore?Edit

SPORE is a game created by Maxis Software and Electronic Arts about making creatures, vehicles, buildings, (as of Galactic Adventures) missions, and evolving a universe. It is (obviously) the game that "hosts" Spore Role-Playing. For more information, see the Spore wiki.

Current point of view Edit

this is one of the main reasons your here since this is the Spore roleplayers wiki. Most recently since maxis gave up on carring about the community, they left it as survival of the fittest. Many idiots now roam around bullying others off and leave only small groups left to survive. Its more dangerous since roleplayers have a lot of enemies but a lot of friends. Examples of enemies and people to stay away from: infernohammer, sonic103, Jbeau.

Maxis rarely updates the game, so there are not too many more people joining. Most "trolling" on SPORE are pathetic and can be ignored entirely unless you are either crazy or stupid. People have been forming small communities so they can have some fun with SPORE still, however, some morons are just fucking stupid and try pathetic trolling attempts to get everyone off SPORE. It never works.

How you rolelpay on sporeEdit

Its simple, use a template or make your own in the spaceship editor. Than share it, get some people to join you but make a story opening first. Then you subscribe to that person to get their part of the story while you contribute simultaneously to the rps plot. Rules of da Spore rps (just obvious things i decide to put in one place Things that could happen in SPORE RPs. (There are no real rules, anyone who tries making universal rules *glares at driko and drogoth* will be walking the plank (jk) ) (anyone can edit this, but as above, this is just for s**ts and giggles)

(Section removed due to confusion)


Roleplaying is a thing a lot of people do and a lot of people despise. Single person roleplaying is just a story being written as it happens with the characters and sometimes scenery shown for how you think of the story. Multi person roleplaying consist of 2 or more people distrubiting to a story that goes on with each person making actions affecting the others actions. Roleplaying is not only on Spore but on anything else allowing sharetivity and multiperson.