A Zarqunic western dragon, and the son of Electren and Sophus-Tempestas. While his brother Larips is yellow, Spiral is purple. His name was given to him by his mother, who noticed his horns were in spirals.

Powers and Abilities

Spiral has a few powers, elements, and abilities. His elements are electricity, and darkness. Also, while not exactly an element, he can use magic. He is not quite as skilled as his parents are, but he can do things similar to what they can. He is not yet able to split worlds and great power sources in two, but he is capable of sealing someone in a great power source as a prison.

Of course, Spiral has your standard western dragon abilities. He can't breath fire, but he doesn't need to. Having wings, of course, he can fly. Additionally, he can use telepathy. One unusual thing he can do, however, his spin his spiraled horns like drills. With this ability, he could cause some serious damage, not that he would need to. He does have an additional trait that could be considered somewhat of an ability, and that is his planning skills.


Spiral is very noble, as some might say. Protective by nature, he protects the powerful crystals, as well as family, friends, even strangers. Spiral is often referred to as a guardian dragon because of this. He never wishes to punish people or cause harm to another, but if he has to because more people would be endangered if the person were to be let off the hook, he will do whatever is necessary. Depending on what the situation calls for, he has to either harm, kill, or seal away the antagonist.

Spiral is generally a leader, as opposed to a follower. In times of need, he stands on the front line alongside others on the same side, and does what he must. Often, he comes up with plans of action. When he can, he takes into account the traits of people involved in the plan, even their personalities, when planning.

Trivia/Creator's notes

  • He is based on a dragon creation by his creator (Stormer/Storm_Static/StormerStatic/Stormer_Amped666) that got featured on Spore back in her first year in the Spore community.
  • Before Spiral was made a character, the dragon in question was remade several times in various styles.
  • Now, even after having been made a character, Spiral is still made in various styles as a western dragon.
  • While he is a western dragon, who happens to be purple (dark purple to be exact), he has no similarities to Spyro or Cynder. His powers are completely different, as is his personality.
  • Despite the obvious differences, people constantly said, and still have recently said, that Spiral (the original creation of him as a western dragon on Spore) looks just like Spyro or Cynder.
  • Spiral's name was not in anyway inspired by Spyro's. Spiral was named from his spiraled horns, and any other term like spiral would not have sounded as good, such as twirl, curl, or swirl. If he were a female, perhaps those names would be more suiting.