Sol Faction aka the Rebels, is the smallest faction, close to no one is in it. It doesn't even have a main base.

Its goal is to destroy CryFaction and save the remaining humans. Along with Earth

About SolFactionEdit

SolFaction is lead by Hunter, a unknown figure that recently rised up once the sun went black. Along his way he teamed up with Gorm's son, Sleyeth. And has recently found Grax. They also saved Gorm and MechaPenguin from the CryFaction Jail. They plan to save Melom and Hal from their evil state of mind. Other goals they have in mind are to team up with Inviso's faction and Gorm's. Teaming up with Vulcor is nearly impossible due to his sense of leadership. (he thinks enslaving or killing all the other factions will help him grow stronger). SolFaction also knows about other factions in the Eastern and Northern Region. (The 5 factions only take place in the Southern West states: California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona)

Members (up to date)Edit

Hunter- a smart and blood thirsty man seeking revenge for who knows what (infected)

Grax- The only one that doesn't know whats even going on (was in the underworld for the first few years of the black sun) (new: along with Zray) (infected)

Sleyeth- the son of Gorm, a fox/wolf type hybrid. (Infected)

Gorm- A good leader even though he was never given that role (infected)

MechaPenguin- A robot that joined Sol cause he knows a little about Grax and also cause everyone else would probably kill him on sight

Jack- A pro monster hunter, killed Cryoas' son and wife along with a whole load of vampires, dragons and demons (Infected)

Zray- a spacesoldier who has no clue whats going on right now

Maldri- Grax's alternative being (the opposite of Grax, more kind and more caring for others)

Hal- A small bug highly intellectual bug (infected)

Flare- A science made being, not much is known about her except that Maldri and Gorm killed her dad (infected)

Vulcor- Forced to join since his army is gone (spoiler: he gets a new one to get revenge on them) (infected)

Melom- Broke from his spell. Currently him, Zray, Maldri and Mechapenguin are the only noninfected vampires.