A million+ year old dragon, flipat, and tearlash hybrid. The son of Torn Vitrumcor, Shred follows in his father's footsteps, perhaps with too much dedication and skill... For years, Shred has made it his goal to destroy Storm, but ironically, he created her, over one million years back. He is the former secondary leader of TE6, and the present leader and founder of IM6, which he created all the members of. A master of magic and genetic engineering, Shred is a serious threat, even without his minions backing him.

Pre-RP History

Over 1,014,000 years ago, his father, Torn, met his mother, Soliza. Torn fell in love when he first laid eyes on Soliza. When Torn asked Soliza out, she rejected him, mocking him for being a hybrid (which at the time, was normal, and still is). His heart was broken. Years later, Torn learned mind manipulation magic, which he used to aquire the affection of Soliza, even if it was forced or false. Not long after, Shred was born. Or actually, his father created him using the science of genetic engineering.

Shred was a timid child, who often said he wanted to be a poet when he grew up. His father was enraged by this and beat his son. Shred lived his childhood in misery. About ten years after Shred was born, the DarkCorians went DarkenVolt. His father commited a horrendous act and was killed. Or so everyone thought. After the death of his father, Shred suddenly started acting just like him, even speaking in the same manner.

Fifty years later, Shred created Storm for a couple of hybrids, who were unable to have a child. Of course, there was a catch. The kid would start out good, but end up going berserk at the time that was most opportune. A few years before this, Shred becomes friends with a cat-demon hybrid named Solstice, who wants Storm's mother, even if the means by which are unethical. Shred liked his style and helped him, using mind manipulation on Cloudy so she would "love" Solstice. Solstice requested a child as well, and so Shred used science to make that happen. Thus, Sun, Storm's evil half-brother, was born.

Because of Shred's creation of Storm, and Storm's destructive episode, as well as his attempts to steal the power of the crystals, Electren and Sophus-Tempestas used their magic to split NeuJoltis into two planets; DarkenVolt and BrightenBolt. Shred of course ended up on DarkenVolt, where he plotted for many, many years. Using this time, he also practiced magic and genetic engineering. He did all this to keep himself occupied while waiting for his ultimate weapon to break loose once more.

Family Tree

                          ???           ???
                           |             |
                               |     |
                   Torn      Soliza ???       ???
                     |         |     |         |
                      ---------       ---------
                          |               |
                        Shred           Slyuk   Suukel                                Prufido  Toxage
                                          |       |                                      |      |
                                           -------                                        ------ 
                                              |                                              |
                             Solstice       Cloudy                                         Equin                           Cyridmor         Chiniada
                                |             |                                              |                                 |                |
                                 ------------- ----------------------------------------------                                   ----------------
                                      |                                                |                                              |
                     Litaegis        Sun         Arater    Clarus   Thief            Storm                                           Rad
                         |            |             |        |        |                |                                              |
                          ------------               --------          ---------------- ----------------------------------------------
                                |                        |                     |                                |
                        ----------------                 |                -----------          -------------------------------------------
                       |         |      |                |               |           |        |       |         |           |             |
                 Gravinixira  Aestus  Aridi          FilthyMane       Sparkle      Chull   Kartul  Pasukan   Valesade   Nerchordis    Splartrix
                                                         |               |
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