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For whatever reason, the meme "Shoop Da Woop" was bound to appear in some form or another up until around the beginning of 2012. Regardless of the RP, "Lazors" were guaranteed to be "Firin" at some point, mostly because it's a way to add a "spin" on things if they get slow and/or boring. Though, despite the fact they are more popular in battles (and quite redundant), they still were used quite frequently due to how popular the meme was.

Tenguman is stated to have a "laser immunity," allowing him to not only be unharmed by Shoop da Woops, but also be able to absorb them and use them to fuel his own power.

Even thresher maws can shoop whoop.


The oh-so "amazing" Lazor face

Hero Chao Shoop da Whoop

Herochao's can shoop da whoop to

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