Shoop Da Woop
The technique's original use.

Alternate Names

Shoop Da Whoop



Imma Firing my Lazor!






Mimi (while possessed by the heart of Copy Tenguman)




& or


Energy wave

The Shoop Da Woop is an energy wave technique used by several characters and an internet meme popular in the late 2000s.


The Shoop Da Woop is fired from the user's mouth. It takes the form of a solid cyan or blue-and-white beam of pure energy. During use, the user's eyes and mouth will briefly be replaced with comically thick red lips and large, irisless eyes; the user's face will return to normal once the attack has finished firing. The user will either shout some variation of "BLARGH" or "BWAAAH" whilst using the attack or exclaim, "Imma firing my lazor!" before shouting "BOOM!" as the attack is executed. Generally, the former method of calling the attack yields a solid cyan beam while the latter method yeilds the blue-and-white beam. Sometimes, the attack will be charged as a blue sphere in the user's mouth before firing, and if this is the case, the user will often proclaim this by shouting, "Imma charging my lazor!"

As many characters have been shown to be able to use the technique with great ease, it is likely very easy to master, and yet it is very powerful, capable of defeating most opponents in a single shot. The attack also does not seem to put any physical strain on the user before or after the attack; the only known weakness in this attack is that Tenguman possesses an "anti-lazor" system that absorbs Shoop Da Woop beams to power his "Purecolor Mode," which is capable of destroying planets after absorbing enough Shoop Da Woops. The technique is also known to be able to be copied via Mirror Move.

Origin and Legacy


Even thresher maws can shoop whoop.


The oh-so "amazing" Lazor face

Hero Chao Shoop da Whoop

Herochaos can shoop da whoop too

Shoop Da Woop is an internet meme that originated some time in 2006. It is believed to have originated from an Adobe Flash animation featuring Dragon Ball character Cell using the technique. The meme was made popular and had its general use codified by YouTube video "THE LAZER COLLECTION" by user DominicFear.[1] After the release of THE LAZER COLLECTION, Shoop Da Woop appeared in several YouTube videos throughout the late 2000s, which featured various characters using the technique. The popularity of Shoop Da Woop declined during the early 2010s.

For whatever reason, the meme "Shoop Da Woop" was bound to appear in some form or another up until around the beginning of 2012. Regardless of the RP, "Lazors" were guaranteed to be "Firin" at some point, mostly because it was considered a way to add a "spin" on things if they were to get slow and/or boring. Though, despite the fact they were more popular in battles (and quite redundant), they still were used quite frequently due to how popular the meme was.


  • Shoop Da Woop is easily the most ubiquitous technique in the Spore role-playing community, being employed at least once in nearly every role-player's creations. This is due to its status as an internet meme.
  • In Spaceship creations, the move is almost always, if not always, represented by either the "Tubed" body part or the nearly identical "Syllinder" detail part.
  • It is currently unknown whether Cell can use this technique while outside of Semi-Perfect form.


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