Shika, as created on SPORE by PandaWolf6464.

Shika is a young, female Eastern Dragon who was revived in episode 18 of Little Things. She resembles PandaWolf quite a tad, and this is not surprising considering this was Panda's disguise in the Eastern Dragon city they were in.


Shika, again, resembles Panda; the only differences being Shika has short, ear-like horns, a green ring around her pupils, and light-green scales covering her forearms, calves, and back. She dresses in a green, short-sleeved kimono with stitches running down from her collar to her right side. Her tail is also covered in light-green scales, with spines running down to the very end. These spines are concealed by soft, black fur.

Her true form is of medium size for an Eastern Dragon, with a row of uncovered spines running from the top of her head down her back to her tail. She has whiskers and black fur on her lower jaw, for some odd reason (She's a female, so this is somewhat unusual), as well as her ears resembling those of a black wolf.


Another aspect of hers that resembles Panda closely-- she is described as being "a patched-up, crazy matryoshka" by the latter. What this means is that she is generally very sweet and cheerful, but when she gets angry, that can be very dangerous for many people. One thing that is generally very striking about her is her hatred of demons. If she sees one, she goes into Rage Mode (see below).

Shika (Angry)

Rage Mode Shika. Take careful note of her Uh Oh Eyes.

Rage ModeEdit

Triggered whenever Shika is in the presence of a demon, or when she is being serious. It is represented whenever the fur on her tail bristles (revealing the spines), and the green ring around her pupil suddenly changes to red. Her pupils also become rectangular in shape, like a goat's. She becomes very aggressive in this form, and pushing her too hard will result in her changing into her true form.


Shika has very similar powers to Panda. Some of these are:

  • Teleportation
  • Thumping her tail against the ground to make something happen (much like Panda's snapping her fingers to do the same)
  • Healing
  • Location of a dragon through scent
  • Mind-reading

Other powers have yet to be revealed, because these are the only ones that we've seen so far.


  • Unlinke most Eastern Dragons, Shika's blood doesn't stay a constant color. It keeps changing for reasons unknown.
  • Shika fears black dragons.
  • Shika says she was in love with a human long ago, but since he died on her, she is thoroughly convinced that interspecies romances (in this case, love between a dragon and a human) never work.
  • Shika has a habit of staring for long periods of time, as well as spacing out.
  • Shika, like Panda, is an artist, but we have yet to see any of Shika's artwork.
  • Shika is a Japanese-born Eastern Dragon.
  • There is a mode that Shika can access that is a rather terrifying mesh of Nozomu Itoshiki (Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei) and totheArk (Marble Hornets); this implies that Shika is not quite stable or sane.
  • It has recently been discovered that Shika has an immensely destructive brother known as "The White Death", or Ayakashi. He used to be dead, up until someone made a serious mistake...