Shamiyago is one of my old Spore creatures when I was a Noob in the game

Shamiyago is also one of my favorite creature that I created I use them in my adventure and my Chaolin Serie. I made the Shamiyago in the Creature Stage on spore note the color of the Shamiyago was first a creature with blue and light blue spots but in the end of the creature stage I change the color keep the same colors but now has light blue lines on the Shamiyago and it stay like this as of now.

Shamiyago (1)

Here a Shamiyago in the creature editer

There also make great Camera Mans :D

Shamiyago Cameraman

The Shamiyago Cameraman That only in my Many Ways To Kill Atlus Adventures


Shamiyago as a spaceship (Soon to be in one of my future RP)

Shamiyago Warship

The Shamiyago warship

Shamiyago Huge

Yeah another Shamiyago picture but this time it huge

Not much known about the Shamiyago but they do have electric powers which makes the
Classic Shamiyago

The Shamiyago in it old classlc colors.

m very powerful