Saros (Japanese: サロス, Sarosu) is the god of darkness from the literatures of the TNoTH and SR RPs, and one of the most remarkable villains in Spore RP. He helped create the universe with his sister, anonymously known as "The Goddess". After a while, he became jealous and went evil, and created his own realm in the universe to devise his plans in. And soon later, he had cast his sister into eternal slumber. Many hundreds of years after, he travelled to one of the realms, with the help of his mot loyal minion (a currently unseen and unused character, due to MrWeezee being permabanned) to find a form he can show himself in (although there are many others, including a form which reveals only his shadow, a form where he represents a dark angel, and the form of a roach or serpent)

Saros watchful eye by weezeessecondattempt-d3946d4

An image of Saros from DeviantArt


  • Saros can steal souls from anything living. He drives them into his realm, takes their souls, and uses them in an army, known vaguely as "the Burakkudon".
  • The body he lives in is not his. It belongs to what seems like a young man around the age of 18.

    Saros as he appears in the spaceship editor.

  • Saros' human form is due for a redesign.