Breakdown: Robotic Characters

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Gordymad is a fine example of this archetype.

In general, any character that is robotic, or mostly robotic, can be classified under this archetype. Robotic characters usually have appear more industrial: jaws-of-life-like-claws, mounted weapons, jetpacks/plane-like wings, etc, etc. Characters like this will occasionally have various 'alt-modes'(EG, Transformers). Plus, they have the tendency to rapidly "upgrade" themselves due to an ability to add additional parts and what-not, without effecting too much of the overall character's appearance, in an attempt to gain some kind of advantage over the current scenario. Add to it, robotic characters tend to be more "advanced" in terms of speed, firepower, endurance, etc, etc, when compared to non-robotic ones. Though it should be noted, that despite the fact they seem invincible, they do, in fact, have there own built-in limits as to how strong they truly are. The trick to it, is just finding out how strong they really are. But of course, that's only from outside attacks, as being a machine will usually come with all the basic "flaws" that most machines have, but they tend to vary, depending on how said character was "made". And it should be noted, that robo-characters can still function, even if they are missing a few limbs.

Mecha or Robotic?

Currently, this page mostly details robotic characters, and not true Mecha. A Mecha is distinct from a robot due to its large size, though that is one of the only qualifiers. No characters are currently classified as Mechas, currently, except for potentially Tenguman.

List of known robotic characters

Gordymad clearly fits this profile.

Although Tenguman has a very robotic appearance, his origins are a little different.

Captainredfox's prveious character is highly cybornetic, though he may also fit into other archetypes better.