Just about the most common saying in ROBLOX.


So, ROBLOX is like Minecraft, only more MUCH less complicated and full of retards. Since early 2011, ROBLOX has been filling up with nooblets and retarded idiots. Oh, and ROBLOX is full of spam.

Example of a nooblet

Lately, I was playing an awesome game called Contamination. There was this joykill retard who was being an idiot. In a trophy room, there are loads of fake zombies. The Smoker has a huge mouth and if you put your head to it, it'll look as if it's eating you. While I was doing this, the retard appeared. I said: "Oh no! The Smoker is eating my face! MY FACE!" And he said "its not real you idiot." I replied with: "I know it isn't real, smarty-pants." He replied with "shut up u retrd ill rprt you" The whole server then started to troll him with "OMG, why don't you use grammar?", "Stop being killjoy!". We tried to block him in a doorway, but we failed. He later got killed by a Smoker and said "see ya later idiots" and left.


The game blows horribly now. Don't bother with it. God, spoiled rotten kids EVERYWHERE.

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