The "evil" hedgedragon queen of the hedgedragon kingdom of Uvbentroldus. When she was young, she killed her father, thereby making her the ruler, as her brother Zudisy was younger than she was. In her rule, she banished her brother, degraded men in the society, and made insane laws. One such law was that all females must be wearing armor at all times. While this law doesn't state how much of the female has to be covered in armor, obviously, there is an amount that needs to be covered, as Skafi was outlawed for not wearing enough armor. Magia is another target, as she is wearing a robe, rather than armor. She treats men with utmost disrespect, often making them lower ranked than her female knights. In fact, she often has females in charge of training men, and any men that do train others can only train other men. The ruler of the hedgehorse kingdom openly disses her rule, and takes in anyone who is outlawed for breaking her stupid laws, as well as anyone who wishes to escape her rule. So, she's not exactly pure evil, but she enforces insane laws with an iron fist.