Puppet Knil 1

How Puppet Knil appears as made by Panda. He looks just like Link!

Demonic Entity: PUPPET KNIL

This creature was the original midboss/boss of the Stone Tower Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but Nintendo removed him. Few know of his existence, and Panda found out from a close friend. Ever since then, he's been randomly appearing...

Former RoleEdit

Knil was the midboss/boss of the Stone Tower Temple in the initial release of Majora's Mask. In the beginning of the temple, as Link walked in, he followed him. In the miniboss chamber (which Link would pass through frequently), Knil would be standing on his pedestal, acting like an ordinary statue... at first. Every time Link entered the room, Knil's expression would change. He'd either be creepily smiling (default), blank, looking sadly down at the floor, or literally blank (as in, no face whatsoever). If Link entered with the boss key, Knil would be off his pedestal. Link would be a little scared, looking for that creepy thing when IT'S RIGHT FREAKING BEHIND HIM. He'd turn around, it'd be gone, and Link would back up right into Knil. Knil'd then backflip through the wall, and the miniboss fight would begin. After being defeated there, he'd run through the wall to the boss room chamber, where he would await Link... on the CEILING, of all places. Link walks into the boss room chamber, surprised that it's empty, when he'd suddenly hear Knil's creepy laugh. He'd look up, Knil would come down from the ceiling, and with a horrifying screech, the boss battle would begin.

Role on SPOREEdit

He seems to have been reborn created by Fredrich on accident in MINECRAFT of all places, as a "golem". Not soon after this has he actually hunted Creepers and Endermen to EXTINCTION (Not even Nozomu was safe from this rampage)! Humorously, while he was on the run, he tried phasing through the wall of a cave and (for once) he got stuck. Hilarity ensued.

Battle TacticsEdit

As a midboss: Knil moves pretty fast for something made of stone. He can also noclip through the walls, ceiling, and floor of the room in which Link fights him. One of the most disturbing things about him is that Link's sword phases through him on contact, he can apparently regenerate, and he can literally CLIMB THE WALLS like a spider to get to the ceiling, just to pounce on Link and headbutt him repeatedly (This does 5 hearts' worth of damage. Yes, EACH HIT does 5 HEARTS' WORTH). The only way to defeat him is to wait for him to get up to the ceiling, then pull him down with the Longshot. He'll flip out, squawking like a bird all the way down, just to get his face stuck in the ground. Hit him while he's down.

As a boss: See above EXCEPT now, he will be tougher. If you use the wrong item against him, you're going to have a bad time he will take it from Link and use it against him. Examples:

  • Boomerang - He'll catch it, bite it in half, and eat it.
  • Arrow - He'll catch it before it hits him (literally about an inch or so from his face), snap it in half, and toss it aside.
  • Longshot - He'll catch it and swing Link around on the chain so that the poor boy slams into the walls. After a while, Knil will run to the opposite side of the room, toss Link forward on the chain and then immediately
    Knil in a Nutshell (Pic 564 0 0)

    Knil is best troll.

    pull back, yanking it out of Link's hands. What's worse, he'll use it to stun Link just to headbutt him!
  • Bombs - He'll catch the bomb and then either come up behind Link, drop it, and watch as it explodes, OR he'll run around in circles with the bomb until it's about to go off, then he'll go to the center of the room, drop-kick it, and it'll hit Link in the chest (knocking him over) and explode.
  • Blast Mask - He'll stand in front of Link, take it off, PUT IT ON HIMSELF and come up behind Link to use the thing to blow him up. What's worse, he'll use it for the rest of the battle!
  • Bunny Hood - He'll be hovering upside-down in front of Link, take it off, PUT IT ON HIMSELF, and run off. If you thought he was fast before... *shudders* What's worse, he'll use it for the rest of the battle!

He'll also block Link's sword and back-fist him for his effort if he tries using that. His stealing skills probably put RUBBERFRUIT to shame! If Link lets Knil take Kamaro's Mask, though, Link might have a chance of beating him. It's a good thing Knil gives Link all his stuff back on defeat.


  • If Link wears the Great Fairy Mask while confronting Knil, Knil will literally stop what he's doing, walk over to Link, and stare at him as if to say "What is that on your face??"
  • Knil's death animation consists of him imitating the Happy Mask Salesman's "angry as hell" animation, laughing maniacally, and having his eyes melt out of his head. After this, he goes back to being a normal statue (with permanently-melted eyes), and a Heart Container pops out of his chest.
    • Perhaps Knil was Jadusable's inspiration for BEN?
  • Knil is constantly smiling when you fight him.
    • Though his expression does not change, he has been shown to be able to somehow OPEN HIS MOUTH. The only time he does this is when he eats Link's Boomerang.
  • Nintendo removed Knil from the game because he scared so many kids. Hell, even ADULTS wanted him removed! To this day, the original version of Majora's Mask (with a shattered M) can no longer be found... that is, if one does not look hard enough.
    • I would not be surprised if a representative of Nintendo came by this wiki, found this page, and asked me to remove it.