Pheno as he currently looks

Pheno goes by Phenotypical_1 on SPORE and Phen01 on DeviantArt. He has created multiple Sonic fancharacters, including Hype, Emily, and Malvade. His favorite franchise is Mega Man, ironically. As himself in the RPs, however, Pheno is basically a normal human whose only "superpowers" are his intelligence and special blue blood running through his veins. No, he isn't a police officer. In this case, blue blood is, indeed, blue blood. It has a potent smell, and a person with blue blood's veins and flesh piece back together like they should when they are disfigured in any way. Even simple injuries like bruises and cuts disappear within a minute. Also, blue blood cells can reproduce, so one with blue blood must allow himself to lose blood at least once per month. Being in the RP allows Pheno to keep his blood cell level at a normal rate, considering that there is frequent bloodshed. If Pheno defeats an enemy with a certain power, he may be able to absorb the energy that allows them to perform such moves and use it for a short period of time. As a result, he is considered a controller of light.