Mojave Desert
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United States of America


The Mojave Desert is a desert in the southwestern United States of America. It is where Captain Retzorg wakes up before transforming into Discorretzorg and teleporting to an unknown location. Patrolling it almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.[2]



A map of the Mojave Desert.

The Mojave Desert is just over 124,000 square kilometers of land located in the United States of America, in the northwestern portion of the state of Arizona, the southeastern portion of the state of California, the southern portion of the state of Nevada, and the southwestern portion of the state of Utah. It is the location of Death Valley, the lowest point on land in Earth's western hemisphere, as well as several cities and towns, including Primm, Nevada, which is stated to be near where Discorretzorg teleports out of the desert from.


On July 3, 1972[3], Captain Retzorg awakens in the desert, apparently having lost its "magic bag." Retzorg then spends four hours flying through the desert and finding nothing before realizing it can transform into Discorretzorg. It then teleports out of the desert, and the only witness to its teleportation is a 4-year-old girl in the back of an automobile inhabited by a family of Californian tourists.


  • At the time Discorretzorg teleported out of the desert from what was stated to be Primm, Nevada, Primm would actually be known as "State Line."


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