Mimi as it appears in "Oh joy - 3"

Real Name

Mimi Darwin Retzorg


36 Slothogonian years


24 January 1962

Family and relatives

Zeeky (cousin), Zwietracht (first cousin, once removed) implied parent, implied sibling of parent, implied grandparent







"Too late."


Mimi Darwin Retzorg is the younger cousin of Zeeky Retzorg III. While Mimi has been mostly seen as an antagonist, this was whilst possessed, and Mimi is shown to be a generally well-meaning, if somewhat mischievous, individual.


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Mimi's fusion with Copy Tenguman's heart as depicted in "The Tragedy of Zwietracht - 7."

Mimi's first appearance with another character was in the "Oh Joy" arc, which eventually overlapped with Inside Giygas. In the roleplay, Mimi takes what appears to be Tenguman's heart in an attempt to fuse with it. However, Zeeky points out that Tenguman's heart was back in Tenguman's body and no longer available to be stolen, to which Mimi, transformed nonetheless, responds, "Then, how do you explain THIS?" As soon as Zeeky states that it must be the heart of an evil copy of Tenguman, the puff of logic causes the fused Mimi to become evil.

It then proceeds to move backwards in time to the 29th scene of Inside Giygas and prepares to destroy the past versions of Girt and Zeeky with a Shoop Da Woop before deciding to instead go forward in time to stuff present Zeeky, then a pixie, inside of a chest. After Zeeky was released from the chest by the present version of Girt, Mimi throws a rock at the pixie Zeeky, apparently killing it via exsanguination. After the crazed Mimi is defeated by having two bricks thrown at it by a random bystander who was later dubbed "'Bricks Guy'" (bricks are its weakness), it is restored to its original, annoying-but-non-evil self and without memory of the recent occurrences.

After being notified by past Zeeky that it has killed present Zeeky, Girt reveals that Zeeky has faked its death as a prank. Suddenly, a random Yamask that has been nearby decides that the occurrences have created a time paradox, causing one to happen. The paradox resets to the beginning of Zeeky's battle with Girt, save for the fact that Zeeky is in its pixie form.

This paradox means that, barring the paradox itself, none of the above events actually happened in canon, except for in Zeeky's memory and possibly also the memories of Girt, Mimi, the Yamask, and "Bricks Guy".


  • Zeeky and Mimi are currently each other's only known relatives.
    • Coincidentally, both of their forenames end in /i/.
  • Mimi and Zwietracht are the only characters known to address Captain Retzorg by its first name, "Zeeky." This is presumably due to the facts that they have the same surname and are cousins.
  • Mimi's outfit bears a striking resemblance to Suicune.
  • Mimi has asthma. When fused with Copy Tenguman's heart, Mimi's asthma inhaler attaches to its right cheek. Additionally, the cape on Mimi's headdress becomes the same color as Mimi's inhaler.
  • Mimi is the first and so far only other member of Captain Retzorg's family to be revealed, but, as Mimi is Captain Zeeky Slotho Retzorg III's cousin, at least 3 other members of their family must exist (Zeeky's parent, Mimi's parent, and their common grandparent).
  • Despite being the same species as Zeeky, Mimi lacks the facial chainsaws that Zeeky has. This is addressed in one of User:Retzorg 's blog posts.
  • Girt6 once erroneously referred to Zeeky as being Mimi's brother.
  • Mimi has a genetic mutation that endows it with biological immortality.

Names in Other LanuagesEdit

Language Name Explanation
English Mimi An English feminine given name.
Deutsch Mückelöwe Literally "midge lion" or "mosquito lion."
Italiano Mimi Same as English name.
Русский Мими Cyrillic reading of "Mimi."
日本語 ミミ Romanized as "Mimi."


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