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Shoop Da Whoop is the perfect example of a meme, being both unfunny and stupid, as well as irrelevant.

What is a meme? Generally, irrelevant and unfunny jokes, most of the time.

While some memes can be funny, their overuse tends to ruin them fairly quickly. They were largely popular circa 2006 to 2012, and while in use today, are generally not as popular as conventional humor anymore, due to the majority of current spore RPers being 18, or around 18 years old, and therefore mature enough to realize this shit isn't very funny.

Memes in Spore RPingEdit

Memes aren't really that relevant anymore, thankfully, mostly because the amount of newer people in our RP community has slowed down significantly, so no noobs are here to constantly spew unfunny memes in our faces. Meme is also another word for prompts and such, which can refer to writing prompts, and drawing prompts, which are common on supplementary roleplaying sites like Tumblr and Deviantart.