Lulu Nightfall is the character MinaMongoose uses for roleplaying.
Lulu Nightfall

Lulu Nightfall the Kabat

The Creation of LuluEdit

Lulu is a Kabat (cat/bat hybrid) furry that was created by a mad scientist who had created Nyan Cat at the same time as another scientist, but was beaten to the patent office. Infuriated, he took the DNA of a vampire bat and a longhaired house cat and put them into his Grandly Marvelous DNA-Mixer-Thingy-Maboober in order to create a vile beast that he would use to have his revenge on the other scientist for stealing his dream of creating and patenting the world's first toaster pastry/cat hybrid. Unfortunately, for him, the cat fur he used as a DNA sample had been sneezed on by his wife, thus adding both female and human elements to the mix. The mix of DNA not only destroyed the Grandly Marvelous DNA-Mixer-Thingy-Maboober, but it also created something that the scientist was not at all expecting. The cat/bat hybrid he wished for was indeed brought into existence, but something was off about it. For one thing, it was female and had clothes (how did he manage that?!). For another, it didn't want blood; not at all. As a matter of fact, the first thing the hybrid did upon its creation was raid his chocolate cupboard; the thing was addicted to chocolate! Dr. Nightfall, the mad scientist, named his creation Lulu (after the confectionary shop down the street, Lulu's Luscious Sweets).

Lulu's Addiction to ChocolateEdit

From the moment of her birth, Lulu had found that she had quite the appetite for chocolate. Why chocolate? Well, why not? The following is an (admittedly large) excerpt from an interview with Ms. Nightfall regarding the subject of her addiction:

Interviewer (INT): So, Ms. Nightfall, I herd joo leik mudkipz.

Lulu: Say what now?

INT: I hear you have quite the addiction to chocolate.

Lulu: Yup.

INT: Some people have said that you... take your addiction a bit too far.

Lulu: Well, you can tell those people to shove a spoon up their [Censored] and [Censored] [Censored] a [Censored] with a [Censored] and [Censored] it in [Censored] Disney Land!

INT: Oh my...

Lulu: Derp?

INT: Nothing. So, I've also heard that you've gone to some extremes to obtain your precious chocolate.

Lulu: Such as?

INT: My sources say that you've stolen it from little children,

Lulu: The brats just shove it down their throats without even tasting it.

INT: Held Arnold Schwarzenegger for ransom, promising his safe return in exchange for a lifetime supply of Hershey Kisses,

Lulu: That was the best idea I'd ever had. Do you hear me? Best. Idea. Ever!

INT: Unleashed a plague of octopus-potatoes upon Europe because the Queen of England refused to give you a single bag of milk chocolate Lindor truffles,

Lulu: They made it through one plague. What was stopping them from surviving another?

INT: And blew up the Andromeda Galaxy.

Lulu: It's not like there was anything there but floating rocks and balls of fiah! Is that all?

INT: ...Yes. Thank you for your time.

If Lulu goes for extended periods of time without consuming any chocolate, she goes into withdrawl, which means that she gains super-destructive powers that make the Devil himself look like a harmless and fluffy little kitten.

Lulu's Withdrawl PowersEdit

  • The ability to detect any chocolatey substance within a nine-hundred-mile radius.
  • The ability to fire lazers from her hands.
  • The ability to hotwire any vehicle.
  • The ability to hack into home security systems.
  • The ability to bring candy to life.
  • The ability to perform Random Distractions.
  • The ability to become Candyzilla.
  • The ability to spit chewed up wads of chocolate-flavored gum (when in Candzilla form).

    OMG! Somebody give Lulu chocolate; she's become Candyzilla! Dx

Lulu's PersonalityEdit

Lulu is what can be called an adrenaline junkie. She will do some of the craziest stuff in an attempt at having fun, and she always seems to succeed though people tend to end up hospitalized due to her shenanigans. She can be really random and though she is twenty three years old, looks and acts like a sixteen-year-old. She's not a bad person, er... cat-bat-human-furry... thing... but she is very reckless a lot of the time. And if someone has a chocolate bar, or any form of chocolate for that matter, it is always in their best interest to share it with her should she ask (and she will ask). Once you get past all that, she's pretty freakin' awesome.


  • Though most of Lulu's powers are only accessable when she's going through withdrawal, she can access some of them to a lesser degree under normal circumstances. She can detect any chocolatey substance within a two-mile-radius, bring gumballs to life, and can hotwire motocycles, all under normal circumstances.
  • When Lulu brings a gumball(s) to life, they tend to make use of internet memes, most commonly the "All your base are belong to us" meme.
  • Lulu's chocolate preferences are as follows, in order from favorite to least favorite: Milk, extra dark, raspberry-filled dark, dark, white.
  • Lulu used Nyan Cat to blow up the Andromeda Galaxy (a very recent event; it was all over the news), thus finally granting Dr. Nightfall's wish of vengeance against his unnamed rival.
  • Lulu does have a right eye. It's just concealed by her mane.
  • Yes, she can fly.