Now, you're probably wondering, "What the heck is a KIrchin?" Well, it's a Pikachu-Like creature made by Girt6. The planet they are from is called Kirch. Planet Kirch is a lush green and purple planet with many volcanic areas. The life on the planet is very advanced. More advanced than the human race in fact. They keep their environment clean and healthy at the same time that they can prosper and grow. They are under the control of the kirchin king named King Jurt and Queen Revolvia. His son Prince Girt was sent into a pod so that he could get away from the planet while they were being invaded by The Grox. King Jurt was held captive and later killed by the Grox King . The Kirchin race is nearly extinct now and has only a few survivors. One is a female the other two are males and they currently live on Earth. There were other survivors but they weren't able to escape from the Grox's clutches and ended up as slaves.  Only three survivors remain and they are currently living on Earth with Girt.


  • The queen of the Kirchins is named Queen Equestria.
  • The Kirchin's new planet has started building up their civiliztion once more
  • The Kirchins are a very intelligent race
  • Kirchins have Pikachu-like tails and ears
  • Most Kirchins are short
  • MOST Kirchins hate pants
  • Kirchins don't wear shoes
  • Girt was sent to the planet while he was still in an egg for safety
  • Kirchins lay eggs
  • The surviving Kirchins have now been named. The two males, Kevin and Seaker, and the female's who's name is Haze.
  • Haze is the oldest of the Kirchins living on Earth.
  • Haze was not raised nor born on Earth.