Just Iris Prismspec, being a rebel Felis ventus, having ripped off her wings.

General Information

Iris Prismspec is the daughter of a Felis ventus named Rainbor Prismspec. Rainbor was able to control all the elements, but Iris only got 3 elements, incase she were to turn to the dark side like Darkor did. Afterward Iris was born, Rainbor flew into an active volcano to kill himself, so he himself could not be used for evil. Two years later, Iris' mother was mysteriously murdered one night. Seeing that Iris had no one else to turn to, Windus Aeries, mother of Aeluce Aeries, took Iris in as if she were one of her own. In the years to come, Iris and Aeluce grew up together, getting along like best friends. Iris and Aeluce are very competitive with each other, and they often race each other flying (they can fly using their wind elements, since they lack wings). They grew faster throughout the years as a result of their frequent competiting with each other to see who's the fastest. Even though Iris is younger than Aeluce, Aeluce still sees her as the older "sibling" and looks up to her.

Other important details

- Iris Prismspec is an elemental Felis ventus, who controls 3 elements; water, wind, and light.

- She is the sole elemental cat of the Unitus Canyon pack of elemental cats, as she is the offspring of the result of continus stacking of elements over several generations, but her father killed himself, attempting to erase the elements he didn't pass on, though it is likely that the elements were just claimed by the world leaders when he died to be reused later.