Grimlock is grimlock obviously.

Grimlock made in Spore

Him Grimlock King!

Grimlock is the powerful leader of the Dinobots, and Johnthedragon's favorite transformer of all time.

He has appeared in multiple pieces of Transformers media since this article's creation, pleasing the aforementioned roleplayer greatly.

The gallery dedicated to the badass dinobot

WFC Grimlock (2)

Grimlock is /NOT/ in the epic game War For Cy- What? Hes being added in Fall Of Cybertron?!

Grimlock FOC

Grimlock as he appears in Fall of Cybertron, fulfilling Johnthedragon's wishes of him being in a Transformers game.

Aoe grimlock

Age of Extinction Grimlock, seen in the 4th (and most recent) film in Michael Bay's transformers live action films. Even Bay can't ruin Grimlock.


The Beast is HERESY! *BLAM* (In all seriousness, The Beast KIND OF got a toy in the Power Core Combiners line, in which he was almost, kind of represented by Grimstone and the Dinobots, but The Beast is a combiner of all of the ORIGINAL Dinobots, and not the ones represented in Grimstone's combined forn)