Grax is my main, besides Alex (me). He is good from the view shown, but is in command of the underworld currently. Some of his allies are: Alex, Melom, and Hal, sometimes he will team up with Inviso. Some of his enemies are: Inviso most of the time, Cryoas, Vulcor.


He was born in the underworld, who the heck knows who his parents even were. Once the Underworld was attacked, many demons and other twisted creatures flead to Earth. There, he was "raised" by Inviso.

(the story is going to be remade or remade just for a certian RP)


Flight (not that good at it though)

claws (his main attack)

fire attacks (TBA)


every single one that I have been in or have made...

he's going to have his own with his point of view, its usually Alex's view point.


  • he is my 2nd or 3rd character I made
  • he is considered my main character (iconic character)
  • he is both good and evil
  • he's a demon...
  • he's been in every rp i've been in or made (except the monster wars and kirby one)
  • he's going to become more psychopathic as more of my Rps continue