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*Blowing sound*

Gordymad's candle is a strange immortal candle that first appeared when Gordymad was trying to present a television show for little kids by reading Pengoharrisfan1's book on the three way war between Gordymad, Tenguman and him (Pengo went back in time and stopped the war from ever happening and ended up being the only one able to remember the war, and as such, he decided to put it into a book.) However, Gordymad found it incredibly difficult to open the book due to his messed up arm designs. He tried everything and even ate his own foot in anger but nothing worked so he decided to ragequit (yes reader, this really happened). A few moments later, Gordymad appeared again (still missing his foot) and blew out a candle that had magically appeared next to his chair. The director immediatly fired Gordymad.

But however, as Gordymad and the crew left the room the candle came back on!

Nobody knows what is next for the candle, maybe it will start harrassing other RPers, maybe a wild candle will appear while someone is playing pokemon black, no one knows, only the candle…
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Dun dun duuuuuun!