Glariscus A Humanoid like race that roams the galaxy with aims of spiritual enlightenment. Do acheive this, their God, Zaal, sends them off to capture the prime examples of a species for exploitation, imprisonment, and then consecration and sacrifice.


Zaalism is the beleif in the mighty God zaal. His adherents, at birth, have their nose removed. This is a necessity, with the consumption of other species, they need to be unable to have pleasure in their meal from the meal itself, all pleasure must be the result of Zaal. The remaining holes are then painted, and decorated with jewlery depending on the status in the Zaal Hierarchy. The ultimate goal of a Zaalist is to die knowing that they have served Zaal well. Only the warriors and select few martyrs are destined to roam the halls of Castillia with Zaal, Castillia, being the only avalible afterlife avalible in Zaalism, all others are unworthy and simply die. The prime examples that the Zaal wish to capture posses superficial perfection. The perfect looking specimens of a species, with at least one male and female being captured per species. For example, for humans the most ravishing actress, and then the classic, action hero macho guy. Intelligence is irrelevent for the selection proccess. A Glarite sails the solar winds and uses local communication channels, like internet and TV, to find the potential sacrifice. Once one is found and captured a council of elders, the Zalite judge if they are suitible. In the mean time, they are put to hard labor or servantry and the tortorous whims of the Glariscus, however, any torture which causes visible damage (bruises,burns,scars, etc.) is strictly forbidden, and self inflicted wounds are punishible by death.

Results and AbductionEdit

Oddly enough, with the absencse of the top 30% vainist, selfish, conceited people of a race, the race itself is improved in the long run thanks to the Glariscus. (They need to collect a large sample size to pick the perfect specimens, the rest are used as food.) However, species are not usually willing to give up their sources of entertainment, a commen method of obtaining a specimen is the timeless "switcharoo" In which one of the undesirables who would have been eaten anyway, is transformed to look flawlessly like the specimen to ba captured through makeup and plastic surgery., they are then given an injection of a common drug used on their home planet, then switched out wtth the real specimen to flawlessly assume their position, along with the choice injection device of course. (How many celebrities have you heard of die of drug ODs? Too many for just a coinincidene ;) If the target species do a DNA test, it is far too late, the Glasicrus are already on their way to an outpost. And explaining the chain of coincidences as to somone who disapeared months ago and appeared in a starlet's dressing room ODd on Craciometlyzine is usually too much to answer for. What examples for the human race are ther? How about Marilyn Monroe?