Just your average fo'biit.

A sub-species of Zarqunic wyvern. Fo'biith are naturally skilled in magic, however, they tend to use their magic abilities irresponsibly. In fact, it is because of the fo'biith that certain types of spells were made illegal. Fo'biith would use spells that killed people, brought people back from the dead, punished people, messed with time/space, manipulated people's minds, distorted senses, and modernly, does anything notable to machines. About 75,000 years into Storm's imprisonment in the Lightning Crystal, fo'biith came to DarkenVolt and brought their spells with them. Once Electren noticed the fo'biith's presence and found out about what they were doing, he used a spell to label these types of spells by color, so when a person casts a certain type of illegal spell, it gives off a color based on its type. Eventually, some fo'biith found a way to use magic to blend in with the natives, so now most fo'biith on DarkenVolt just look like DarkenVoltians. Well, DarkenVoltian fo'biith, anyway.