SCAN0084 FilthyMane

FilthyMane as he appears now.

FilthyMane was just your average trouble making horse back when he was in school. His best friend was a dragon named Glare, who often got the two of them into trouble. However, FilthyMane was often beaten brutally by Storm (or at least just about everyone thinks so, considering Storm's violent instincts toward horses, it would not be surprising if everyone's thoughts are correct). FilthyMane lost an arm, an eye, an ear, and half of one of his legs from these beatings. Luckily for him, he was able to get his arm, ear, and half of his leg replaced, with a cybernetic arm, ear, and half leg. He refused to get his eye replaced, as he thought it made him look tough, so he can only see out of one eye. However, this may be a weak-point, as you might be able to attack him without him catching you, due to his missing eye. He was killed by Storm at one point, but Demono (the leader of The Evil 666) revived FilthyMane, and also added claws to his cybernetic arm. Demono requested FilthyMane's assistance in TE6, and FilthyMane gladly accepted, considering their common enemy. Now FilthyMane is high in the ranks of TE6, along with Glare. Most of FilthyMane's friends, who are also now in the group, are in the lower ranks of the group for the most part.

Pre-RP History

FilthyMane was born and raised by his parents, Arater and Clarus, in a small Amish horse village. He naturally has a dull brown coat and "dirty blond" mane. His parents tried to raise him to follow in their footsteps and values, but ultimately failed.

Seven years after he was born, FilthyMane ran away from home. With no sense of where he was going, he eventually found himself lost in a forest. Luckily for him, he ran into dragon-horse hybrid named Flariken. Flariken asked him what his problem was, which FilthyMane responded with a request that he change the colors of his coat and mane to blue and red respectively. Flariken didn't question and did so. Not long after, FilthyMane's parents came running by, looking for their son, but didn't recognize him. Disappointed, they left, much to FilthyMane's joy. FilthyMane thanked Flariken, and the two went to a nearby town together.

In town, FilthyMane was walked to an orphanage by Flariken, who happens to live there. FilthyMane was kinda disappointed, but Flariken reassured him, giving this advice, "If you want to be adopted, you want to behave and dress nicely, but if you wanna avoid being adopted, just follow me, I'm the master of undesirable behavior! No one would want to adopt you if you do as I do!". FilthyMane went for the latter, and misbehaved all the time, even at school, where he met Glare, who soon became a best friend of his.

Family Tree

                          ???           ???
                           |             |
                               |     |
                   Torn      Soliza ???       ???
                     |         |     |         |
                      ---------       ---------
                          |               |
                        Shred           Slyuk   Suukel                                Prufido  Toxage
                                          |       |                                      |      |
                                           -------                                        ------ 
                                              |                                              |
                             Solstice       Cloudy                                         Equin                           Cyridmor         Chiniada
                                |             |                                              |                                 |                |
                                 ------------- ----------------------------------------------                                   ----------------
                                      |                                                |                                              |
                     Litaegis        Sun         Arater    Clarus   Thief            Storm                                           Rad
                         |            |             |        |        |                |                                              |
                          ------------               --------          ---------------- ----------------------------------------------
                                |                        |                     |                                |
                        ----------------                 |                -----------          -------------------------------------------
                       |         |      |                |               |           |        |       |         |           |             |
                 Gravinixira  Aestus  Aridi          FilthyMane       Sparkle      Chull   Kartul  Pasukan   Valesade   Nerchordis    Splartrix
                                                         |               |


SCAN0027 2

Either FilthyMane sees a girl he likes, or he's looking at himself in the mirror.

FilthyMane - Psychotic

Don't linger around planning on hugging him, that will only make him mad.

IMG 0427 2

He really looks serious here.

SCAN0033 2 FilthyMane

He looks kinda like a she in this picture...

FilthyMane Flipnote - basic color

FilthyMane is a happy horse. Or perhaps he's just crazy.

FilthyMane and Friends -resized-

Just FilthyMane and his 7 friends. Glare is the green dragon in the top right corner, FilthyMane is on the far left.


Oh I would SO ship this.