Endymion, also known as "John", or occasionally endearingly referred to as "Endy", is a young male Seraphim Dragon of mysterious origins.

Endymion represented in SPORE

Real name



"John", "Endy", "Salamander", "Newt", "Whelp"


Approx. 19 Standard Earth Years


~ 2147, October or November


Various, resurrected each time


Eris (Twin sister)


Aurakkerin (Guardian), Panda (Lover), Mysimius (Friend), Andis (Friend)




Active and Healthy


Seraphim Dragon

Appearance and other notable characteristics

Endymion is a Seraphim Dragon who stands around five and a half feet tall (Or one and two thirds meters). Like others of his species, he is covered in bright gold scales, with smaller, lighter yellow scales covering regions such as his face, the undersides of his arms, stomach, and the underside of his tail. He has two large frills on each side of his head, which act similarly to a human's external ears, and two smaller frills at the top of his head, which can retract and extend as needed, often when scared, surprised, aroused, or inquisitive. His eyes are large for a humanoid, which have bright yellow scleras, and black reptillian pupils. These eyes, similar to a cats, are easily visible in the dark, though, in Endymion's case, they emit a bright yellow glow when open, similar to a flashlight. His nose is draconic and covered in scales, which connect to the scales which cover the majority of his head, aside from most of his face. Often visible in his mouth are two long, sharp canine fangs. They can inject a very potent venom, which while non-lethal, will easily cause its victim to pass out or fall asleep. His tongue is forked, similar to a snake, and similarly long. It often sticks out of his mouth, especially when "Tasting" the air, similar to a snake, using what is likely an analog to a Jacobson's Organ. Differentiating himself from his sister to a degree, he has a short horn on his chin, which he has been known to trim on occasion, similar to how a human would cut their nails or trim their hair.

He has a very chubby body type, though, he is surprisingly muscular, despite his short stature and overweight appearance. His arms also double as huge, bat-like wings, with a 6-7 meter wingspan. The wing membrane is supported by a single digit, whereas the other four digits act as fingers on Endymion's hand, and are terminated in long, sharp claws (Though, Endymion often files them down to be blunt, so not to hurt anyone accidentially). Endymion has large, muscular digitigrade legs, which end in saurian-esque feet, which have 3 digits acting as true toes, a dewclaw, and the 5th digit supporting an additional "wing", which helps with steering and pitching during flight, acting as an elevator. On his back, Endymion has two sail-like appendages, similar in structure to bat wings, formed from an extra, almost vestigal set of limbs. These also allow Endymion to turn faster during flight, acting as rudders. Endymion has a short tail, the top of which is covered with reptilian scutes, and ending in a heart-shaped point, made of hardened scales, which can act as a dangerous club.

He most often wears a black hoodie over a light blue shirt, a blue and gold scarf, which has a small golden heart embroidered onto the ends of it, as well as some blue shorts which appear to actually be cut up or badly worn out sweatpants, worn over black boxers with a gold trim. He also wears glasses, which have square rims, and have a frame made of some form of metallic material. Endymion is nearly blind without these glasses, having severe issues perceiving depth, and is easily disoriented without them. All of Endymion's innards are blue in color, as well as having dark blue blood. Notably, Endymion features a large, tattoo-like glyph on his chest, resembling a stylized heart. He refuses to acknowledge its existence most of the time ,and if forced to acknowledge the marking, he denies knowing anything about it, or how it even got there.


Endymion is very timid, especially compared to others of his species. He is not known for his exceptional intelligence, lacking a lot of seemingly basic and trivial knowledge, as well as having a very poor sense of judgement, and being extremely quick to act on his emotions. Despite this, he can be fairly clever, if not cunning. He is very untrustworthy of others, and will generally only give the time of day to those he believes he can trust, such as his friends, and his lover.

He has a very notable sibling rivalry with his twin sister Eris, even boardering on them considering each other enemies, though, he seems reluctant to pick fights with her, as does she. Endymion is EXTREMELY loyal to those he loves, even if it will lead to a violent and painful death on his part. Endymion is known to be INCREDIBLY secretive, refusing to intentionally reveal any parts of his past. He has outright lied about his species before, attempting to pretend he is a Salamander at one point, and a Wyvern at another, evidently showing some concern of others knowing his true species, whether out of shame, or out of secrecy, is unknown.

Origin and History

Not much is known about either of the Seraphim Twins, especially their early history, but it is known that Endymion was a thief, stealing to survive, living on the streets of a human city. It is unknown why he is in this position, but it is known that he often blames Eris for his current situation, and Eris in turn, blames him for her similar situation. The first person to ever discover Endymion's existence in this city was most likely Panda. The odd "tattoo" on his chest may suggest he and his sister come from some cult, gang, tribe, or otherwise.

Notably, the only languages Endymion speaks are English and Draconic (with Draconic being his main language, whereas English appears to be a second language to him), whereas Eris can speak a few more languages then him, and much more proficiently to boot. Also very unusual, is that Seraphim have been considered an extinct species of dragon for an untold amount of time, making Endymion and Eris the only known living Seraphim Dragons. "Goldfire" is also notable for being a power completely unique to the twins, as it has not been seen in any other dragon, including other Seraphim throughout history.

(More TBA)


Positive relationships:

  • Panda: Endymion's long-time lover, and a friend in general.
  • Aurakkerin: Acts as a mother figure to Endymion and keeps him and Eris from literally killing each other.
  • Mysimius: A friend of Endymion, even if she is very critical of his dislike of his sister, and his extreme secrecy. May know something about the twins' past.
  • Andis: Almost acts as Endymion's older brother at times, generally tries to steer him away from crime and onto better things.

Negative Relationships:

  • Eris: Long time rival and twin sister. The two barely get along, and appear to have some serious history together.
  • Relkaith: Has little tolerence for Endymion's antics, and prefers to avoid him

Neutral Relationships:

  • Cerbex: Aquaintance of Endymion, but the two share little in common, and do not often talk or hang out, as a result.

Powers and Weaknesses


  • Elemental control over fire and light
  • Flight for extended periods of time
  • Ability to see in the dark
  • Biological immortality
  • Proficient in certain martial arts, it appears, especially involving kicking.
  • Sleep-inducing venom
  • Sharp teeth and claws
  • Extremely good at climbing and scaling almost any surface
  • Ability to run much faster then most land animals
  • Extended senses such as hearing and smell
  • Notably proficient in stealth operations, despite his size and clumsiness.
  • Goldfire


  • Poor judgement
  • Cannot see easily without glasses
  • Very clumsy
  • Quick to panic
  • Very low pain tolerance
  • Relative fragility overall
  • Easily distracted


  • Endymion has gone through the most revisions/retcons of any character on this wikia, being revised nearly twice a year, for nearly 7 years.
  • Endymion's name was chosen many years ago when Johnthedragon chose a rather shoddy random name generator to spew out a few names for his characters. Endymion was chosen for the formerly unnamed persona of Johnthedragon at the time, out of the randomly generated names. Aurakkerin was another name given, which was given to the character who is currently known as Eris initially, and then eventually given to another character entirely, before Eris was revamped seperately.
  • Endymion is one of John's main mascots/personas/author avatars, alongside Andis (Who is not on this wikia yet). Endymion's personality used to simply be John's personality, before being given a personality of his own. The only things modern Endymion shares in comparison to John's personality now is his social awkwardness, and an almost complete lack of a sex drive (Though, there could be more). Andis retained quite a few of John's characteristics, in comparison. Though, Endymion resembles John more physically.
  • Endymion, despite being killed and otherwise maimed so many times, bears no physical scars due to most of these deaths destroying his body, and Panda needing to revive him from scratch using a sample of his blood.

Name Origin

Language Name Explanation
English Endymion From Endymion, a shepherd and Selene's lover in Greek mythology.