Endeavors - Preview

The "preview poster" for Endeavors. Pictured from left to right: Panda, Maria, John, Hikari, Dante.

Non canon notice Edit

This Roleplay does not pertain to current canon for either Johnthedragon's or Pandawolf6464's current RP canon. This page is left for archival purposes only.

Summary Edit

When someone breaks into your house in the dead of night... and steals your sister... What do you do?

Endeavors is an RP started by PandaWolf and Johnthedragon, on Hamachi. It has gone on for 32 episodes and introduced some new characters: Dante, Maria, and Bara.


It's just another normal night. John and Hikari are fast asleep in their cave, when all of a sudden, a mysterious demon comes into the cave and snatches Hikari right out of her crib. John is just about able to catch the thief in the act, but he gets away, leaving behind some ashen-grey feathers. Panicked, John turns to Panda, and after a rather silly turn of events (since it was 3 in the morning when he made it to her house), they pursue the demon who made off with Hikari. Upon catching up with him, Panda is attacked and almost drowned by what appears to be the female version of a certain creepy statue, but John manages to subdue her. This statue, "BETH", was actually an illusionary cover for Fredrich's (evil) twin sister, Maria. She attempts to kill Panda by tearing off her wings, but Fredrich stops her in the nick of time. Cue a brother/sister argument (that quickly got bloody) as a diversion for Panda and John. Elsewhere, Dante attempts to eat Hikari (his main reason for stealing her in the first place), his harem of spider demons bringing him other prey for later. On the way to his lair, though, Panda explains that Dante's prey of choice is young children, and of COURSE that gets John in a tizzy. After all, Hikari's only a baby, so will Dante mind at all? But then, just as the two make it to Dante's lair, spider demons (a giant legion of spider demons) surround the two and all hell breaks loose. At some point, the two are cuccooned in silk and brought to Dante, and he expects nothing wrong (he thought it was just going to be another meal), but boy, was HE in for a surprise! Maria is called after the unveiling of the threat, Dante explains how the alliance they have was established, Maria gets defeated, and that ruffles Dante's feathers to the point that he attacks John. Yangire comes out, teaches Dante a very painful lesson, and in the process becomes Yandere (but that's really not important to the story!). Episode one ends there. More info possibly coming soon.

Main CastEdit

John - Arguably the hero of the RP. You mess with Hikari, you get fucked up. BAD.

Panda - Arguably the heroine of the RP. Mother to Bara and Fredrich, girlfriend of John, can of asswhoop that has been opened far too many times.

Hikari - The plot device-of-sorts of the RP. Dante's main target, a baby Eastern Dragon.

Fredrich - A former Look-Alike demon who assists Panda and John. Twin brother to Maria, extremely gifted with illusions.

Dante - A delusional, pretty much insane demon who believes he's an angel. Prefers young children. Could be considered the "Dragon" of the RP.

Maria - Fredrich's crazy bitch of a twin sister, the antagonist of the RP. No matter how many times she gets killed, she never seems to stay dead. Also gifted with illusions.

Bara - A former Look-Alike demon who is first shown in this RP, and Maria's "Parting Gift". He took the form of Smile, but Panda brought him back down to normal. He is a Darkness Demon with a near insatiable appetite.


  • This RP has been created on Hamachi.
  • This RP almost ended on Episode 24, but it was restarted with the help of some new ideas.
  • Dante and Bara have yet to be seen in another RP, but Dante has been remade on SPORE.