Groups of cats who control elements. There are 21 groups of elemental cats, though the total number of elemental cats does not add up to a multiple of 21, as there are several multi-elemental cats in these groups. In addition, there are also world leaders who are elemental cats.

The true elements of the species are fire, water, plant, earth, electricity, wind, ice, darkness, and light. False elements would be anything other than those, such as love, magic, voodoo, and stars.


Gale Peaks
Hydrus Lake
Mt. Igneal
Terrus Plains
Hurbeare Jungle
Umbruh Plateau
Harmus Meadow
Sollious Fields
Magicia Hills
Frictious Oasis
Kayotice Ruins
Nulluh Cliffs
Errous Wildlands
Erosa Pond
Blizzair Peaks
Stellar Plains
Loonus Forest
Spectrust Plateau
Destiny Rift
Voodooze Plain
Unitus Canyon

Known Members of the Species

Harmus Meadow Pack

Generation 121

Blazor Ignis

Elecor Fragor

Wator Oceanus

Earthor Silva

Darkor "Jinx" Necronox

Frizor Glacier

Generation 122

Notati Ignis

Frictio Fragor

Salaltum Oceanus

Serasato Silva

Limuster Silva

Aeluce Aeries

Lucida Luxota


King Igneal Luminar

Unitus Canyon

Rainbor Prismspec (Generation 121)

Iris Prismspec (Generation 122)

Erosa Pond

Loveor Eros (Generation 121)

Roseus Eros (Generation 122)

Stellar Plain

Stella Stironas (Generation 122)

Duskimma Midlight (Generation 122)

Voodooze Plain

Koink Madinx (Generation 122)

Breezune Lunail (Generation 122)