Muro - Electren BG

Electren drawn in dA Muro.

A Zarqunic wyvern, well known for his role in DarkenVoltian and BrightenBoltian history. Modernly, he lives on DarkenVolt, protecting the Discharge Crystal in a marsh.

Pre-RP History

Approximately 1,054,000 years ago, Electren and his wife Sophus-Tempestas came to NeuJoltis. They left Zarqunia, seeing the Zarqunic way of life as savage. When they saw the developing civilization, they knew it was just the right place. The natives welcomed them, some even thought of them as gods, while a small number feared they were aliens who sought to end their way of life.

One hundred years later, Electren and Sophus-Tempestas' children hatched from their eggs. Sophus-Tempestas named the purple dragon Spiral, after his horns that appear to be spirals. Electren named the yellow dragon Larips, seeing as the twin dragons were almost polar opposites. The children grew up and interacted with the NeuJoltians.

About 54,000 years later, after Storm had been sealed in the Charge Crystal (what later split into the Lightning and Discharge Crystals), Electren and his wife decided that it was dangerous to have two crystals with incredible power on the planet, so they split the planet into two, and the two crystals split into four.