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Image of Drogoth as he perceives himself.


Drogoth the Hybrid. His last name is currently unknown, even to him, due to a rune giving him amnesia, which is why he calls himself this. He sees himself as a peace keeper to protect the weak and helpless. What people see in him, however, is a Gemini of a Hero and an Anti-Hero, but he can immediately snap to his good side when there is a crisis happening and put an end to it before it can get out of hand. He looks after the Dragon-Niko race as their protector, but he can protect other races, too. Humans are more along the lines of what he prefers, since he is part human.

Actually a human who was given demon DNA at some point, [Driko] manipulated his sense of reality so he experienced an elaborate fantasy. Strikethroughs currently denote information which needs revising based on actual events.


Views himself as righteous, but actually very vain, violent, perverted, and manipulative. He is notoriously stupid as well, not really understanding much of anything, in some hilarious scenarios, killing people out of sheer incompetence.

Alternative personalitiesEdit

  1. (Blue) Curiosity
  2. (Red) Violent
  3. (Pink) Manipulative
  4. (Yellow) Idiot
  5. (Orange) GLaDOS knockoff
  6. (Agony) Suffering and pain (The only state anyone wants to see him in)
  7. (Dark) Evil and Darkness
  8. (Sheodrogath) Madness
  9. (Purple) Hatred
  10. (Fear) Fear
  11. (Amber) Feminine
  12. (Black) The original personality, or what is left of it
  13. (Angel) Supposedly kindness, more manipulation in reality.
  14. (Green) Discipline

Drogoth's alternate personalities were merely him simply having fun in his own fantasy. They do not actually exist, but they essentially changed his color and his personality traits.

Former AbilitiesEdit

Abilities Drogoth imagined himself having during his fantasy induced by Driko.

Beast SpeedEdit

<strike> With this, Drogoth can move faster than the speed of light. He was trained by Stealth after his encounter with The Beast in order to rival his speed in case if the beast ever comes back, so then he will be ready to take him down again when he rises out from hell. At first, when Drogoth encountered him, he couldn't even see him or react quick enough to avoid getting pummeled into a pulp by this dragon in much less than a millisecond... Even manipulating time didn't help.

Diamond Dragon PowersEdit

Drogoth prefers to use fire and wind for his Diamond Dragon form, but he can use other elemental attacks if he's required to. While he is in his Diamond Dragon form, his wind powers are vastly increased, capable of creating a hurricane in his wake naturally.

White FireEdit

Drogoth had learned this from the white dragon, and this element is a power straight from heaven. It can, and will, expell all darkness and dark abilities. And for those who are evil, it will burn much hotter than a star, so beware. You're not gonna walk this one off that easily.

Dimensional PowersEdit

Drogoth, in RPs, is seen to be able to make portals or wormholes to different dimensions, meaning he has access to the multi-verse, going anywhere he pleases to be. He seems to be one of the only characters who is capable of doing this, as its a rare and powerful ability. He even has his own private blank dimension with this which is like a sandbox.

Mental AbilitiesEdit

Drogoth is capable of attacking the mind of a person to either control or restrain them, or even use telepathy and read minds, as this ability is actually expanded. He is capable of completely erasing the mind of a person, making them blank, and re-create it. To him, its like a mind creator interface that he can just toy around with. He also has telekinesis, in which the grip strength and control is just as strong to hold down a titan, when on maximum power, since he never did really practice this ability much.


He is able to morph his form into anything, even an inanimate object (which actually puts him in the risk of death so he never does that). With this ability, he was even more capable of manipulating other people and animals to turn them into his own image, which can actually be helpful in some cases.

Healing AbilitiesEdit

He is capable of healing himself and others to regenerate lost blood, tissue, skin, flesh, bones, etc. And, with further advanced abilities in this, he can control a persons pulse, brain activity, add or remove any disease and even can reverse the healing and regenerative ability so that he simply makes the person decay at an alarming rate (or become a pile of flesh and blood).

Energy ManipulationEdit

By using his energy he can make any shape or form of energy shielding. On an advanced level, he is capable of changing the properties of his shields making them sound proof, thicker or lighter, or even charging them with a lethal or non-lethal electric charge. With energy manipulation, he is capable of controlling lighting or even nearby electrical outlets to shock anyone nearby, or to gain more power from them.

Air PhaseEdit

This is one of his most useful stealth abilities. Literally turning into air, when Drogoth disperses into this Air Phase stat,e he simply vanishes from sight completely. This can be also useful for an escape, or to dodge an attack and attack his enemy at his blindside

Blinding lightEdit

This spell was created in order to counter-attack Cabadath's crippling attacks that, at first, took away all of Drogoth's powers, rendering him completely vulnurable in which all he could do is run. This spell dispells all powerful dark power attacks in a widespread range, as well as blinding the caster for a few moments due to the intensity of the light.

Last ResortEdit

Alt PowersEdit

Drogoth can use the powers of his own alts to use against his enemies; sometimes even more than one alt power at once. One of them is being able to convert his entire flesh structure into a symbiotic substance which can bend shape and form into anything with limitless range and mass.


He is capable of casting any, and all, elements; even learning how to cast other ones if he had missed any, but it won't be as powerfull as the other elemental attacks he already learned. Here's a list of them:

  1. (Pyrokenesis) Fire. It is the basic ability to any and all dragons to breathe fire, but to control it is a different story. Drogoth can control his fire element as naturally as he can breathe it, and heat it up to the point of creating white fire but also cooling it down to a safe-to-touch flame.
  2. (Water) Just like the fire ability, Drogoth can control torrents of water. However, this element was rarely ever used for attacks, but instead used for creative purposes.
  3. (Light) Drogoth is capable of controlling light to either become a weapon in the form of hard light, or to bend it to render him invisible, or even to blind his opponents.
  4. (Energy) As discussed before with Energy Manipulation, we know what he can do. But on a higher level, he can do more with Energy and we know he can teleport anywhere he wishes, but the interesting thing about this is that when he researched his teleporting abilities, he learned how to convert gasses, liquids, and solids into data this way: as particles of energy.
  5. (Wind) Drogoth was able to control wind before, but now that he is the Diamond Dragon this power has been drasticly increased ever since he became a jeweled dragon. He can create massive and very violent torrents of wind, showing that he has complete control over his wind elements more than all his others, making this his strongest element he has available to him.
  6. (Gravity) Being able to control gravity makes his telekenesis ability alot stronge... and he can do very violent things with gravity. "Even rip apart anyone, right down to the molecular level, unless they are strong enough to manage not being torn apart. With this, he can also rip your elements right out of you, which will appear as colored energy."
  7. (Ice) This would be one of his weakest abilities he has, since he cannot tolerate certain levels of cold temperature. He is, however, able to help form sculptures with his water abilities or even create snow if he wanted to.

Time ManipulationEdit

With the ability of being to able control Time, this ability has proved very useful to him. It even helps make the beast speed ability work, as he can manipulate the area around him with this power. However as usefull it may be, it can also be dangerous compromising the fabric of the space time continuum. So, he is always cautious about going too far with it, hence he is always careful with it.


In reality, Drogoth had little to no actual power, being a much lesser demon then Driko. He was stripped of whatever power he did have in the end by Driko, before being killed.


No one sane, hopefully.


None, currently


Pretty much everyone on this wiki.


A Caucasian Male at 19 years of age. Having dark brown, semi-long hair, nails formed into claws, blue dragon wings, and a blue Dragons tail with a black tail tip. He has brow (formerly red) irises, two white horns extending from his skull, and usually is wearing a grey T-shirt, a pair of black jeans, and black and blue shoes.

TL;DR: An ugly failure.


Drogoth apparently thinks hes rather special. He isn't.

Old story infoEdit

Drogoth was once a young human child like everyone else. He had a father and a mother, and he was the only son in the family. He lived a normal life, just the way he liked it; until one day on a camping trip, his father decided to take him hiking. Drogoth liked to explore new places and find new and interesting things as well, when they were halfway from the path back to the campsite, Clarke, Drogoth's father, had his back turned, and Drogoth saw something in a cave. Curious as he was, he took off to investigate it. When he entered the cave and traveled deep within it, it was getting darker and darker the deeper he travelled inside.

Drogoth wasn't afraid of the dark, but he was afraid of what could be in it. When he finally reaches the end of the cave, a mysterious tablet lies before him, illumated by a beam of light from a hole in the cave ceiling. On that tablet was a rune. Drogoth never had seen anything like it, and, amazed by the runes carvings and craftsmanship, he went to examine it closer. Little did he know that, as soon as he touched it, there was no turning back...

The room began to become dark around him; even the beam of light was no longer seen, and the rune began to glow brighter and brighter, nearly blinding the poor child and- after a bright flash of light- it was gone, and everything was pitch black. He could feel his body begin to change, shift, and grow. His back ached like nothing he had ever experienced. He was given a massive migraine. Drogoth screamed in pain and cried out for his father, hoping he'd find him, and, as scared he was, the pain went on and on until his transformation was complete and he blacked out, with no strength left in him.

When he woke up, he found himself within a hospital. He was on a bed hooked up to a heart rate monitor and an IV. He could barely speak, or even move. When a nurse noticed he was awake, Drogoth's parents were granted permission to see him. His mother was shocked at the sight of him, breaking into tears huddling close to Clarke. Drogoth`s father just stood there, looking at him; not believeing what he was seeing and hoping it was all a nightmare to him.

Drogoth spoke in a weak voice, asking what happened, and Clarke tried to hold back what he saw, but he knows his son would find out soon enough... so he was the first one to break it to him.

Clarke explained that Drogoth wasn't what he used to be anymore, and that he was different. Drogoth was confused and asked why, noting that he was feeling fine, besides being sore. Clarke went go to get a mirror and came back with it before showing Drogoth what was wrong with him. Drogoth, shocked at the sight of his now red eyes, having two white horns pointing out from his skull, and sharp fangs, looked at his hands and noted that he now had claws as well.

From that day forth, Drogoth knew that he no longer was the young, handsome boy he thought he was anymore. And that he was now an abomination of nature.


Evidently, most of the above experiences were merely fantasies, as Driko was actually a demon with reality warping powers, who was able to grant him a power fantasy which he desired. He was technically half demon, for a time, until she rended him of his powers, and promptly buried him alive and pissed on his grave. Most of his fantasies were either erotic or had some plot elements borrowed from popular video games.

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