Drogoth63 is of unknown age, human-demon hybrid. Drogoth63 considers himself a "legendary Hero" in his own RP. He fought to protect the Dragon Niko race and tries to keep the world in peace, despite his need to torture criminals and try anything under the sun (and in deep space) to get a hard-on. He WAS in a relationship with Driko who he thought was a red Dragon-Niko, but later was reveiled to be a fire demon.

He had mastered most elements, but his demon form and dragon powers were taken away by his (now EX) girlfriend. He used to prefer to use Fire and Air on his opponents, as well as some dark bullshit he would pull when he became enraged. He used to have the ability of becoming "one with the air," which was useful when he was sneaking around. He uses blade and claw-based weapons.

Before his powers were taken, he had the very useful (and widespread) power of shape shifting (which never helped him master elements, I don't know where he pulled that from). He has many alternate egoes like Red, Blue, Fear, and Dark Drogoth (all of which would be effected by the demon soul being taken away; Dark and Fear may have disappeared forever). He also has 2 "unvailed" forms one would have been extremely powerful and the other is Pure Evil.

He was once turned into a Dragon-Niko by a Mosquito fused with a Dragon-Niko... which doesn't even make sense because a mosquito that was fused with a dragon niko wouldn't result in a mosquito that can turn people into Dragon Nikos...

Dragon Nikos no longer exist anyways, they were all illusions made by Driko to have Drogoth distracted from doing a bunch of maniacal stuff in the world with his powers. Her plan only succeeded about half of the time.


Drogoth63 in his original Half Demon-Half Human form

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