Drogoth... wasn't all he was cracked up to be. Having gotten fed up with his actions, Driko unveiled her true form... a fire demon. Having previously been a red dragon niko to make sure people didn't freak out, she hid herself behind costumes and illusions. Her alts weren't actually her alter egos. They were scattered soul fragments of her full demon form, and Drogoth- having absorbed the last one from the artifact years ago- was only permitted to be his half-demon self because of her sense of mercy. The powers that he posessed, both demon and Diamond Dragon form alike... It was a mistake that was never meant to be.

Drogoth was a maniac. He would brutally torture and kill people and do fucked up experiments to them in his lab. He would do anything under the sun to satisfy himself, acting kind and demure just so he could 'get some'... now, add in some mystical/magical dragon drugs and fantastical powers... you would have a monster that wouldn't stop.

DrikoDEMON copy

Driko's true form; her wings catch fire when she flies.

To right her wrong, Driko ripped the demon soul fragment from Drogoth, as well as the gemstone that made him the Diamond Dragon, and absorbed the fragment into herself. Her demon form once again whole, she leaves the quivering human that was once Drogoth behind as she thinks of a new purpose.

Drogoth doesn't talk to her anymore. When he does, he demands an apology for 'hurting' him. Driko won't comply, mainly because the situation that sparked his tantrum was like a rapist telling a rape victim that they were going to rape them, then expecting the rape victim to apologize for freaking out and getting angry about it.

DrikoDEMON copy no fire

When she's not flying, her wings look like they are unable to get anyone off the ground.

And so, the chapter with Driko and Drogoth ended; after four years of being together, the relationship having been sparked by suicide threats, and four-fifths of it being nothing but abusive and sickly, Driko finally saw through him and no longer trusts him.

Allies and Enemies Edit


  • "Arious" (Abigael) - An amazing viking friend of Driko's.
  • Alric Weezee - Not seen often, but is a friend. Creator of the Zombie Apocolypse RP that went on in Spore.
  • Pheno - A friend of Driko's since she first came on Spore. Has helped out a lot.
  • Julianol - A long-time friend of Driko's. Has gone missing from Spore.
  • Church1 - Roleplays in the Hedgedragon RP with Drogoth and Driko. Very intelligent and logical. Often lends advice to others, when asked for it.
  • Artos - No longer exists. (Dragon Nikos were illusions)
  • Shalvunitre - No longer exists. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Pandawolf - she and I don't really talk too often anymore. We do roleplay now, though. Our characters don't really agree, and I think it's because... well... I was not nice. I genuinely believed that she was in the wrong and Drogoth was in the right back during the huge fight between us... I was naive. I'm genuinely sorry that I was that much of a fucking moron. I left an imprint that may never really heal.
  • JohntheDragon (Endymion) - We talk often, and often roleplay with Pandawolf. Was part of the massive fight and was defending his innocent partner from the blame I wrongfully imposed upon.
  • Surtur (Toirtap/Nuke) - Driko's METAL brother.
  • Draco - Awesome friend of both Driko's and Surtur's.
  • Jeweled dragons - police force of Dragon Sky
  • Zyneau - military general of Dragon Sky
  • Golden Dragon King - True king of the dragons in the dragon realm he is from.
  • Tenguman - hilarious and random friend.
  • Torpi - the 20 headed hydra. He is a dragon drug dealer. Was hired by Driko to try to keep Drogoth entertained with illusions of grandure from defeating the 'evil 20-headed dragon.'
  • Criken - Friend of Driko's. Roleplays often include elements from videogames, such as Phoenix Wright, Saints Row, The Crooked Man, and many more.


  • Driko's Alts - eradicated. Were actually seperated soul fragments of Driko's full Demon Form.
  • DRAGON NIKOS - they were actually just illusions that Driko made up and dressed as so people wouldn't be so afraid of her. The illusion was in effect for a few miles in radius around Driko- that is, until she revealed what she was.


  • Drogoth - Blocked everyone he and I collectively knew. Caused no end of grief for all of us.
  • Skierlek Selikr "Sapphire" - A naga. Served Torpi as his drug assistant, ducked out on him and stole his business as she became a drug lord and leader of the rebel forces. Was one of the jewled dragons; the Saphire dragon. Title is yet to be redacted from her.
  • "Stealth" - A kobold (catlike person; no, not a neko. I mean realistically, not a sex object) who has a dark red fur color and knows how to cast spells. One of Sapphire's underlings.
  • Picky Minch - An annoying brat who is the brother of Porky. Has tried to kill Driko several times and stabbed her in the back when Driko was suggesting torture methods for Porky. In return, Driko spun around and punched him in the face, breaking his nose.
  • Porky Minch - A fat pig who has caused the deaths of the roleplayers in the FotPK RP. All of them were revived, and Porky is dead according to the Fall of the Pig King RP done by Panda, John, Drogoth, Storm, and Driko.
  • The Beast - Since I won't be able to tell the story I originally planned... again... I'll spill the beans. This thing was a fast as hell creature that couldn't even be viewed when time was stopped. The quick within its claws allowed the one who consumed it to travel just as fast. It was defeated by Drogoth in hell. It may or may not have just been an illusionary game that Driko set up just for Drogoth so he didn't feel the need to do his fucked up experiments or torture people...
  • DR1K0 - Terminator half of Driko in an old roleplay.
  • Infernohammer - Sexually harrassed Driko many times, and also hit on any other girl he saw on Spore.
  • Vesania - Drogoth's alt that is basically a murderous Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It drove Driko nuts because of the bullshit that was continuously pulled by this creature and his owner.
I cant decide whether you should live or die copy

Before ripping out his gem/powers and taking back her soul fragment...

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Being at least 65 million years old can get fairly boring at times, so Driko's taken up causing a fair bit of chaos to get a laugh. It's commonly harmless stuff, though she does cause bar fights every now and again. She'll participate in fights when it involves her own affairs, but unless she has an actual reason to fight, she's kind of a lazy shit and stays out of it, usually conjuring a bag of popcorn and a chair to watch events unfold.

Hollywood Undead, Shinedown, and Thirty Seconds to Mars are her favorite bands; Their albums are most commonly found and played in her car... If the stereo feels like working. Her favorite genres are things like metal and rap, her least favorite being country and pop (though it doesn't mean she can't like a few songs from other genres).

Despite the pointed teeth, Driko is more of a fruitbat than a carnivore. She'll turn up her nose at bacon most days in favor of some cantaloupe or grapes, but that doesn't mean she won't tear into meat when she's craving it. The bacon thing does get her weird looks, though. Who doesn't like bacon?! Driko, apparently.